Health And Fitness

Good health is a lifetime necessity and concern, but good health and fitness requires sustained effort on your part to maintain it. One must understand the concepts of good health and fitness to lead a satisfying and productive life. Poor health undermines your ability to do well in all aspects of life, often leading to depression and a sense of loss.

Today's easy lifestyle does not promote either good health or fitness, You have to be aware of the pitfalls in your day to day life and make an active effort to gain good health and fitness. For instance it takes effort to opt for a salad instead of a succulent steak for lunch and it is easier to take the elevator than climb a flight of stairs.

First let us understand the difference between health and fitness. You may be healthy but you may not be fit. Good health means health that is not plagued by illness or disease. If you are reasonably in good condition without any major or minor illnesses afflicting you, then it is safe to say that you are in good health.

But fitness is something else. Fitness is achieved after good health, it increases your optimum capacity to perform well, and to, achieve limits you did not know existed. Health based fitness is achieved by being physically active on a >regular basis. Physical activity increases stamina, muscular strength, flexibility and leads to a healthy heart and lungs. The effects are also psychological as you feel on top of the world with enough energy to last you through the day and beyond.

To attain maximum health related fitness you should undertake:

  • Brisk walking for about 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week or
  • Vigorous workout for 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week

To be healthy and fitness means:

  • To be flexible, which is the ability of the joints and muscles to attain their maximum range of motion
  • The body achieves the ability to utilize oxygen effectively thereby allowing the body to work longer.
  • Increases stamina and endurance.

Walking, swimming, aerobics sports all increase the fitness levels of a person.

Health Magazines

Health magazines, either online or print are a good medium by which you can gain enough knowledge to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Some features of a health magazines are:

  • Weekly updates of various events in your city such as dance, arts, fitness and gym happenings, complete with contact details.
  • Preview of just released books, videos on health and fitness, exercise, of alternative healing and also self-help column.
  • News updates plus an archive section.
  • Forum allows you to message and bond with other health conscious people or to simply post >a question.
  • A buyers guide of various health equipment, ads about health farms etc.
  • A feature on a celebrity, trainer or sports person with insights in to their training programs, diets etc

A more detailed information on health, diets, weight gain or loss, diseases and other fitness related issues can be gained by perusing health and fitness articles. These articles are usually written by qualified experts of their chosen field and provide much needed knowledge of many health and fitness issues.

Diets and Nutrition

A nutritious balanced diet is the key to good health and fitness. Foods that are rich in refined carbohydrates, high glycemic foods, excess of oil or trans fats and mainly sugars must be avoided in your daily diet. A profusion of diets are available, with celebrity endorsements and terrific testimonials, but the crunch lies not in beginning the diet but living with it. The Atkins diet, the Ornish diet, the Weight Watchers diet and the Zone diet are few well-known diets.

Health and Fitness Jobs

The field of health and fitness opens up tremendous career opportunities for individuals. Some job openings would be for Health Club Managers, Gym Instructors, Fitness trainers, Fitness Motivators, Fitness Instructors, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Nutritionist, Dietician, Masseurs, Mechanical workers (for the equipment), Public Relation Officers and the like.

Icon Health and Fitness

Icon health and fitness is a leading ISO-9000 certified manufacturer and distributor of top of the line fitness equipment. Icon Health and Fitness is one of the top US fitness companies with a truly global presence, with 11 locations around the world.

Icon Health and Fitness is identified with its state of the art equipment backed by thorough research and development. Icon holds 200 patents for its inventions and technologies. The topmost brands in the fitness market are owned by Icon, such as the Nordic Track, Pro Form, EPIC, Health Rider, and licenses Reebok and Gold's Gym

Lifebridge Health and Fitness

Lifebridge health and fitness is a premier health club based in the Greater Baltimore area. Ranked in the top one percent of all health clubs in the US, this elite club is much in demand with professional athletes, trainers, sports persons and celebrities for its state of the art equipment and its variety, and its varied exercise options.

Lifebridge Health and Fitness also combines rehabilitative treatments with health based programs in a community setting. Lifebridge health and fitness' innovative features include an aquatic pool with a 5-lane lap, an aquatic therapy pool, a comprehensive range of cardiovascular equipment, custom made exercise programs and options, educational programs and also medical screening. This upmarket health club has 2 exercise studios, a Cycle-fit studio, and entertainment system with a complimentary business center.

Health and Fitness Tips

Health and fitness tips serve a dual, purpose of providing succinct information as well as keeping you abreast of new developments in the health and fitness field. A Glimpse of some useful health and fitness tips:

  • Water helps in losing weight. Sufficient intake of water helps in flushing toxic wastes from the body and keeping your skin moist. A glass of water before meals reduces the quantity of food you eat.
  • Substitute green tea instead of reaching for a soda or cola. Green tea has the ability to increase the metabolic rate, speed up oxidation of fats and help people lose weight.
  • Always warm up before a vigorous exercise to avoid muscle tear.
  • Climbing stairs everyday results in reduced blood lactate levels and increases HDC good cholesterol levels.

Health and fitness increases the quality of life and helps you to live life to its fullest.