Health Farms

When Mr. Timothy Grey, 40, lawyer and greying, realized that his world was simply a blur of briefs, hearings, petitions and court he threw up and along with his equally harassed wife took off for a three day stay at a health farm.
Health farms, one may well ask what is that?

Health farms have always been around, exclusively for the wealthy in exotic locations with equally exotic names.But now they are within the reach of the working individual.

Growing need of Health Farms:

The hectic pace of today's world offers no time to stand and stare, where each passing day is simply a whirlwind, it is essential to restore balance and harmony for an individual's well being. Health Farms help to unwind and de-stress. Usually situated in sylvan surroundings amidst lush greenery, gurgling brooks, their location is enough to put one at ease. In this place you can lounge around in a robe and slippers and simply relax. A good health farms pamper you mornings and afternoons with holistic therapies to rejuvenate you, beauty treatments,massage and relaxation and a wide range of services to indulge you. Also on offer is a range of outdoor activities like tennis, cycling,jogging,swimming or simply walking the grounds.

Health farms offer a more personalized service with a higher staff to guest ratio, daily schedule of activities and relaxation therapies evening talks on beauty and fitness. They do not have a bar, no conference rooms and even no children. Professional medical attention is provided as also advanced beauty treatments. The food is gourmet but not on the heavy side and drinks are confined to little wine or health drinks.

Health Spa:

The term spa originates from the Latin 'Salus Per Aqua' which means treatment through water. Though a spa is not as specialized as a health farms, it is a place dedicated to enhancing overall well being through a slew of professional services to enhance mind ,body and spirit.

Spa's are more informal than health farms, do provide a bar and conference rooms and even children are allowed. Food is La Carte and Table d'hôte. They provide a comprehensive range of beauty treatments and relaxation therapies.

Day Spa's are also an option for those who simply cannot take off a few days. One can opt for a day package that includes beauty treatments and a light lunch.

Treatments offered:

Though health farms and spa's provide a place to unwind and relax, they also offer services to enhance the rejuvenation process. The treatments on offer are varied like Acupressure, Algae (a marine plant used in skin packs and body crème's), Acquagym (water based gymnastics to burn fat ), Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Sauna, bodywraps,Pilates,Steambaths,water massage and hydrotherapy, as also beauty treatments.

Mr. Grey even got himself an Old style warm oil head massage and an Ayurvedic body massages to ease all those tense muscles.