Health Centers

Health Centers function primarily as preventive and primary health care centers for the marginalised, ethnic, immigrant and mostly uninsured population residing in inner city areas and isolated rural communities. These people have little or no access to medical care. Health centers are therefore non-profit organizations working to provide community service to this class of people.

Health centers usually work in the forefront of health care, providing services to needy people, service that benefits the patient and the health care system. Staffed by certified health professionals and staff who are residents of the community they provide a range of services that preclude the necessity of residents seeking care at the bigger hospitals or as in most cases going without care. Health centers serve Medicaid recipients, low income and the uninsured, high-risk peoples, the senior citizens, and anybody in need of health care.

National studies show that:

    1) Health Centers Medicaid patients are 22% less likely to be hospitalized.
    2) The cost of providing prescription medicines to Medicaid beneficiaries is 26-40% lower through health centers.
    3) Health centers have lowered use of emergency rooms and considerably reduced outpatient admissions.
    4) Health Centers also provide stable employment to residents of the community.
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC)

The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) is a non-profit health center providing quality health care to the inhabitants of Chelsea, Deere, East Boston, and Winthrop. Founded in the latter half of 1960 the medical services of East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) are proportionate to the health needs of the local community and the health problems they face.

The largely immigrant and ethnic population is provided preventive, primary, acute, specialty and rehabilitative care combined with a 24-hour emergency care system. The EBNHC promotes the primary physician as the most important healthcare provider.

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) keeping in view its large immigrant population also provides interpreter services, transportation for its patients, and outreach programs. East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) principle aptly sums up its mission 'to provide easily accessible, comprehensive, affordable quality health care to all who wish it.'

South Boston Community Health Center (SBCHC)

Operating since 30 years in the South Boston area, SBCHC is a private non-profit 501 (c )3 organization managed by a community based board of directors, who also obtain their health care here. South Boston Community Health Center (SBCHC) articulates its aim as 'all who seek care are welcome here' and therefore its doors are open to all, the old and new immigrants, the uninsured, and even to those who are incapable of paying.

Operating in hours convenient to patients, South Boston Community Health Center (SBCHC) also provide services of a Patient Support Associative to help patients secure an appointment, select a doctor, get a referral and also insurance.

Services offered by SBCHC include Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, dental, vision care etc.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC)

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) is a high quality health care provider, technologically advanced but still offering personalized service to the residents of East Central Illinois. Founded in 1977, ten years hence it provides health care to people of seven counties.

Its excellent health care has resulted in several specialties like neurology, cardiology, orthopedic and vascular surgery to function, thereby allowing the residents to avail all health care needs here. Its Ambulatory Care Center has reduced inpatient admissions hence saving the taxpayer many dollars.

The Regional Cancer Center and Mental Health Unit are equipped with state of the art technology and qualified medical personnel. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) also put in place the mobile lithotripsy service that removes kidney stones without surgery. The employers of East Central Illinois are provided an Occupational Health Program that is an injury prevention and wellness service.

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) also started the Women and Children FIRST service, a skilled Nursing Unit, and is an active participant of the Heart Smart for Women an Illinois Department of Public Health initiative. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) targets adolescents, in the I Sing the Body Electric a community based program where counseling is provided to teenagers to lead healthy and productive lives. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) other programs include Adult Day Services, Alzeihmers Disease Evaluation. Athletic Heart Scan etc. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) also operates rural health clinics in Arthur and Sullivan.

Health Forum named Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) as one of the 25 'most wired small and rural Hospital'. SBLHC has also adopted the Joint Commission's National Patient safety Goals. Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC) also received the Governors Pollution Prevention Award and also the PATH award.

Bowie Health Center

The Bowie Health Center is an urgent care and elective surgery outpatient clinic, providing immediate and quality care to the residents of Bowie/Crofton and the nearby communities. Bowie Health Center also is a part of the largest non-profit health care provider the Dimensions health care system.

The Bowie Health Center treats about 38,000 patients a year and its services mainly include emergency care and more focus is on primary health care. Bowie Health Center also offers community outreach programs to improve and maintain the health of the community. Some of Bowie Health Center services include a Level 2 emergency service, after hour's pediatric care, lab services and radiology.

DePaul health Center

DePaul Health center is a Catholic missionary all service hospital serving the residents of St. Louis area and the surrounding communities of Budgeton, Florissant, Hazelwood, St. Ann, Olivetti, St. John. Maryland Heights and Overland in Missouri. DePaul health center is also a member of the SSM Health Care, St Louis, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary. Founded in 1828, SSM DePaul was the first hospital west of the Mississippi River and the oldest surviving community hospital.

In all its years the service provided by DePaul has consistently maintained high standards of care. Its mission statement aptly sums up its core value 'Through our exceptional health care service, we reveal the healing presence of God'. In 2006 DePaul was awarded the prestigious Missouri Quality Award and the Premier Award for Quality in recognition of its treatment of patients with pneumonia and heart trouble. Some of its services include Cancer Care Division, Executive Health Care, Heart Institute, Weight loss Center, and Pastoral Care etc. DePaul health Center also publishes the Well Informed a health magazine for the community.

Dimock Community Health Center (DCHC)

Dimock Community Health Center (DCHC) is the health care service provider of residents of Boston's Inner city neighborhood of Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain. About 40,000 people avail the health care here annually and it is seen as a model of excellent health care and human services. Dimock started functioning in 1862 as the New England Hospital for women and children, staffed by women doctors for women patients. Some of Dimock Community Health Center (DCHC) services are the health and community service, community care (HIV/AIDS) services, child and family development service and behavioral health.

Waverly Health Center (WHC)

Waverly Health Center (WHC) is a 25-bed emergency access hospital serving the residents of the city of Waverly Iowa. Waverly Health Center (WHC) defines its service as of the highest quality with patient focused care. Some of the services they provide are a birthing center, cardiac rehabilitation, pharmacy, general surgery and a women center.

Waikiki Health Center

Waikiki health center is a non-profit, private federally qualified organization providing health care to all especially those who are on the fringes of society with no access to conventional care. The homeless, the abandoned, the drifters, the poor and those with no ability to pay are never turned away from the hospital. The Waikiki health center is best known for Primary Care Medical clinic.

The innovative health programs it offers are:

Care-A-Van through which healthcare is bought to the most needy, mostly the homeless of Oahu. Services offered are acute medical care, emergency food and clothing, counseling and referrals to other service organization.

Youth Outreach Project that includes a teen clinic, family planning service and substance abuse counseling.

Friendly neighbors which offers support to elderly residents through a volunteer assistance service.