Hair Fall Control

What is Hair Fall?

If someone loses hair during activities like combing, washing or occasionally while sleeping, it can be treated as hair fall problem. However, losing 40 to 50 strands in a day is considered as normal.  

Why does Hair Fall?

Each tress of hair is nurtured from a hair follicle. The new cells, after creation, are appended with the root of hairs. This enables the hair to grow but when hormonal imbalance or inappropriate diet hampers the growth, it may cause hair fall. There are several other reasons of hair fall.

Case Study for Hair Fall Control:

Some of the case studies of hair fall control are mentioned below:

  • In case of men the rate of hair fall is more than women. Most of the men lose their hair for hereditary problems.

  • Women also have complains related to hair fall or loss of density often localized baldness. Using harmful shampoos or artificial hair color and some inappropriate hairstyle may be some of the reasons behind hair loss.

  • In modern days, improper diet, constant worry, nervousness, unusual sleeping hours, are some of the major causes of hair fall.

How to Control Hair Fall?

There are several hair fall remedies but they must be adopted according to the cause of hair fall. A few remedies are as follows:

Dandruff Tantrum:

Dandruff over the scalp may lead to hair fall. There are a number remedies that can be followed to remove dandruffs. Messaging scalp with lukewarm coconut oil and lemon juice is helpful enough. Use of anti-dandruff shampoo can work effectively to remove dandruff from scalp. 


  • Bacterial or fungal infection in the scalp can also be a reason of hair fall.

  • In such cases, taking the medical help is a must to be free from infection and hair fall. In addition to that, it is better not to keep hairs oily and dusty.

Hair Fall Control with Herbal Help:

  • Herbal care is very much effective for weak tresses.

  • Mix castor oil, Amla and Shitake powder, powder of neem leaves, eggs and powdered fenugreek seeds. Apply that paste on the scalp and hair and after some time, wash it off well will good quality shampoo.

Regular Habits:

  • Our daily habits like eating and sleeping have a great impact on the quality of hair. 

  • Proteins, vitamins and minerals are required in sufficient amount for hair.

  • One has to increase the proportion of fruits, vegetables and milk in diet to keep the tresses healthy. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice and soups too to solve the purpose.

  • Avoiding consuming alcohol as it does not responds well to various useful nutrients that are indispensable for strong and shining hairs. Also try to avoid taking tea and coffee. 

Activity of the Body:

  • Exercises are helpful in curing any kind of body disorder including hair fall. 

  • Regular exercises can prevent hair fall as it accelerates the circulatory system which guarantees sufficient blood supply to all the cells.

  • Abundant blood supply helps in growth by restoration and repair of tresses.

Nature's Work:

  • Use of natural and home-made products keeps your hair healthy and bright. 

  • Do not change your shampoos frequently and try to avoid harmful chemicals and dyes which may cause hair loss. Sometimes it leads to permanent change in texture of hair.

Stress in Life:

  • Work pressure, anxiety, stress, failures, relentless schedule etc. are also responsible for hair fall.

  • Try to manage your stress and adopt a healthy routine. 

  • This helps in maintain healthy hairs.

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