Hair Fall Control for Women

What is Hair Fall?

If someone loses hair while combing or washing hair more than40 to 50 strands in a day, it becomes a cause of concern. 

What results in Hair Fall?

Each Strand of hair is nurtured by a hair follicle. New cells appended with the root of hair grow when supported by a healthy diet. Pollution, hormonal imbalance or unbalanced diet may cause hair fall.

Causes of Hair fall

Post pregnancy hair fall is a common factor due to change in hormones. Hair will restore back to its original growth over a period of time. Unknown self-medication stimulates hyper secretion of hormones leading to hair fall.

Menopause is one reason as Hormonal imbalance which affects the physiology and function of the body which triggers off unexpected changes. Hair loss is one of them.

Drugs with excess secretion of DHT will lead to hair loss.

Remedies for Hair Fall

The onset of hair fall should be nipped in the bud. Delay will result in slow response to any form of treatment.

Allergy-Straightening creams, nourishing serums, conditioners may tend to react to the scalp and lead to loss of hair in clusters.

Dandruff-Grime and dirt deposit into the scalp. Itchiness and dandruff set in if scalp develops dryness is shampoos are chemically strong.

Consult a dermatologist for treatment. Allopathy, homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments have emerged as alternate remedies.

Towel dry your head, avoid blow drying or combing when hair is wet.

Blood circulation increases when hair is treated to regular oil massage with warm oil.

Brush hair with a clean, wide toothed comb for optimal blood circulation.

Tips for Controlling Hair Fall

  • Protect hair from harsh sunlight, dust and sweat with a scarf, especially while riding a bike
  • Oil Massage your hair regularly .Overnight oiling is good if hair is sufficient. Wash hair with shampoo in the morning
  • Avoid harsh shampoos, highlight, dyes and hair color.
  • Avoid experiment and frequent change of shampoo.
  • Include Vitamin E and Fish Protein to provide nourishment to your hair. A regular intake of iron supplement in food is recommended.
  • Avoid rain water during the monsoon