Hair Fall Control Tips

Hairs and hair style of a person plays a great role in boosting up ones personality and adds beauty to your face. And of course one feels so painful when their hair falls in excess. The hairs of an individual usually falls off in a normal rate but some times it may go out of control and starts falling in excess in an uncontrollable manner deviating from the normal hair growth cycle.

The hair growth and hair fall occurs in a cyclic process which normally lasts for two to three years. During this cyclic process, hair grows 1 centimeter each month and about 90% of the total hairs will be in growing phase and the remaining 10% in the resting phase. These hairs in the resting phase will fall off after about 3 to 4 months followed by the growth of new hairs in its place.

New born babies and lactating mothers may have hair loss in excess. This hair loss will be temporary due to change in normal level of the hormone estrogen in them both the babies and mother will overcome soon since this is a temporary hair loss.

Major Reasons for Hair Loss

Depending on the genetic back ground and the physical and physiological factors about 100 strands of hairs may fall off from an individuals scalp. Some of the major causes for hair fall are:

  1. Exposure to certain chemicals
  2. Usage of certain hair colors or bleaching products
  3. Family history of hair loss
  4. Medical treatment like radiation
  5. Use of certain drugs like antidepressants, amphetamines, contraceptive pills etc.
  6. Exposure to radiations as in radiation therapy used for cancer treatment
  7. Hormonal changes
  8. Certain hair styles which exerts force on the hair and scalp
  9. Excess secretion of sebum by sebaceous gland
  10. Poor blood circulation
  11. Inadequate nutrition
  12. Stress and other emotional factors
  13. Environmental pollution.

Tips for Reducing Hair Fall

Natural Diet Plan :

Hair fall Diet Plan

Go for a diet which is rich in protein content like soybean, pulses, whole grains, yeast, yoghurt, lentils etc. Try to avoid die rich in carbohydrate and fat content. Include as much as vegetables and fruits as possible in the diet to control hair fall. Amino acids and Vitamins especially vitamin E and vitamin A rich foods like carrot, spinach, cabbage, mustard, turnips, peanuts, drum stick, etc. plays an important role in proper hair growth. Sea foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like sardine, tuna, mackerel is also good to prevent hair loss. Food items rich in silica like the skin of potatoes, cucumber, red pepper, green pepper gives the hair beauty and strength. Iron rich foods should be included in the diet since the deficiency of iron reduces the hemoglobin level in the blood. As the major function of hemoglobin is transfer of respiratory gases, their deficiency reduces the level oxygen in the body which deactivates the normal functioning of hair follicles. Avoid alcoholic drinks and such products. Drink plenty of water, a minimum of ten glasses of water apart from tea, coffee or other drinks should be drunk daily.

Hair Washing:

Hair Washing Tips

Care should be taken while washing your hairs as too cold and too hot water may damage the hair. People with oily scalp need to wash their scalp and hairs regularly where as those with dry scalp will have to wash their hairs and scalp only twice or thrice a week. Scalp should be washed gently with finger tips and avoid using nail tips. People with dry hair need to wash their hair twice or thrice a week and people with oily hair can wash their hair daily or every alternate days.

Hair Combing:

Hair Combing Tips

Never comb wet hairs. So avoid combing hairs immediately after the bathe. To untangle the hairs use wide-tooth comb and always go for wooden comb rather than rubber

Hair Drying:

Hair Drying Tips

Always allow the hairs to dry naturally. Avoid the use of blow dryer. The hot air used in drying may damage the hairs and make it too dry.

Shampoos and Conditioners:

Avoid using shampoos with high chemical concentration since these chemicals may damage the hairs. So always prefer mild shampoos or conditioners. The shampoos which use choose should not dry your scalp and hairs too much so use shampoos which are creamier and have good cleansing action. Never shampoo the hairs frequently as frequent shampooing may affect the proper functioning of sebaceous gland. Use good conditioners depending on the environmental conditions like exposure to chlorinated air, exposure to sun light etc. if possible use a scarf, hat or a cap while going out.

Hair Style:

Hair Style

Choose a hair style which does not impart much pressure on your scalp. The hair style which requires pulling up of hairs as in ponytail may result in hair loss. Prefer a hair style where the hairs remain in its natural way and in which one feels quite comfortable.

Hair Processing:

Hair Damage Reasons

The hairs are processed in different ways to add beauty to it. But don’t forget that these processing which will last for only few days or weeks are going to damage the hairs and scalp adversely. The most common hair processing like hair coloring, hair straightening, hair straight ironing, hair curling iron etc may damage the hair by breaking the chemical bonds and building new unhealthy bonds. Also the chemicals used in such procedures may affect the scalp badly.

Herbal Tips for Hair Growth :

Here we have many oils for the problem to prevent hair fall - coconut oil, amla oil, brahmi oil, arnica oil or mustard oil. Honey can also be used to stimulate growth in hair follicles. Apple cidar vinegar can also be used for fast hair growth.

Some of the Best Hair Fall Control Shampoo :

  1. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment
  2. Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
  3. Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo
  4. Tresemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo
  5. Wella Hair Loss System Professional Energy Serum
  6. L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti–Hair Fall Conditioner

Ayurvedic Remedies for Hair Fall Control :

Ayurvedic Remedies for hair loss is :

  • Take aloe vera juice daily with 1/3rd of the cup
  • Drink fresh fruit juices
  • Take sesame seeds every day early in the morning
  • Take yoghurt daily
  • Take green leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohols and other alcholic drinks
  • Take nutrition food like sprouts, yeast, buttermilk, nuts, milk, soy beans and whole grains

Doing inverted asanas in yoga will help you better reduction of hair loss such as Sarvangasana which leads the gravity in the reverse direction of the body can prevent the hair loss problems.

Yoga for Hairfall Control

Tips to prevent hair loss at home and see how effective they are :

  • Hot oil treatments
  • Antioxidants
  • Meditation
  • Head massage
  • Natural juices

Hair Fall Treatments

  1. In case of temporary hair loss which is caused due to factors like inadequate vitamins, stress, depression, medication, child birth etc., the situation may get reverted once the individual overcomes the situation.
  2. Hair loss due to infections especially fungal like dandruff needs the oral intake of antifungal drugs and antibiotics.
  3. Mechanical stress imposed by certain hair styles, excess combing etc should be avoided which helps in preventing hair loss.
  4. Massage the scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes daily which helps in proper blood circulation and activating and strengthening the hair follicles. Massaging the scalp with almond oil, olive oil and coconut milk gives good result.
  5. Use mild shampoos especially those which contain natural plant extracts which does not have any side effects.
  6. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid food rich in carbohydrate and fat content and include high protein content food.

Thus by following a good life style and practices the problem of hair loss could be prevented to a great extend.

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