10 Healthy Foods That You Should Must Include In Your Diet

Green Diet is advisable to each individual as green foods are very rich in various nutrients. Here are some healthy green food items:


Vitamins rich spinach is very good for health. It contains several vitamins like A, C, E and K. It is also filled with other nutrients like pantothenic acid, choline and vitamin B6 which regulate the blood circulation in the body and strengthen the eye sight.

Green Coriander

Coriander leaves are great source of iron, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K and several proteins. They help the body in digesting the food easily. Liver functions and bowel activity also get to normal routine if one takes small quantity of Cilantro in several food items.

Brussels sprouts

They are very rich in folic acids and vitamin B. They help in formation of required liquids in the body. Vitamin A, C, K and potassium are there in these sprouts. Pregnant women and kids are always advised to take them for better health.

Green Diet Food Tips


Foods prepared with tomatoes are very good to fight with various diseases like cancer and other chronic ailments. Even Raw tomatoes offer numerous vitamins ranging from A to K. They control the blood pressure in the body and lower the free radical spaces in the body resulting in robust heart stability.


Elements that are most required for the right health of eye, hair and skin may be find easily in carrots. One must take it in any form whether cooked or uncooked. They are extremely rich in vitamin C and in turn provide good support to achieve great immunity in the body.


It is very rich in anti-oxidants like lutein and offers robust eye sight with the help of various vitamins and proteins. Vitamin B and many other minerals like photo nutrients are found in kale which can fight with the cancer causing elements in the body.


Onions are very rich in fiber and peptides which prevent the reduction of calcium in the body. One can include good intake of onions in the meals. They enable the body to fight with diseases like heart strokes and diabetes because of the vitamin and folate as its main ingredients.


Cabbages are available in different varieties like white cabbages and red cabbages. They are very rich in vitamin C and cancer fighting elements. One must include it in the diet list as it gives good amount of dietary fiber, potassium and folate. Even small quality can give required calories to the body.


They are very rich in anti oxidants and protect the brain cells from any external damages. They are also very good sources of potassium and fiber which enable them in fighting with the diseases like heart strokes, dementia etc. 

Bell Peppers

Various varieties of bell pepper are grown like red, orange, yellow etc. They are very good and loaded with folic acid which gives strength to the heart. If one includes them in everyday’s meal various diseases can be prevented like lung infections, bladder problems, and pancreatic cancers.