Gonorrhea is called colloquially as the clap and is a sexually transmitted disease which is common among people. Although the disease itself is not fatal, it may cause reactions in the body which are irritable and painful. These include painful fluid discharge from the body, with a burning sensation always prevalent around the area of the genitals. The affected area may also itch and make the patient feel uneasy at all times.


The cause of Gonorrhea is attributed to the strain of bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The primary mode of transmission of the disease is by sexual contact, either by anal, oral or vaginal sex. Men having sex with men are at a great risk of Gonorrhea as has been observed by doctors all around the world. People having sex once is at a lesser risk of transmitting the disease rather than multiple sexual partners which increases the number of people the disease is being transmitted to.


The symptoms are generally a burning feeling during fluid discharge such as urine or even vaginal discharge which can be triggered by Gonorrhea itself. Women who have Gonorrhea have complained of pain in the lower part of their body after sexual intercourse. People with a weak immunity system may even have joint pain and swelling as a rare case of the disease.


In the past, the diagnosis of Gonorrhea involved the use of gram stain and culture techniques but recently the use of PCR-based testing methods have been widespread and successful in diagnosing Gonorrhea effectively.


The bacteria have shown incredible resistance to treatment, although Rocephin is the standard medication used in the treatment of Gonorrhea.


Prognosis of the disease reveals that Gonorrhea is associated most commonly with chlamydial infection. In fact, if left untreated it can result in diseases like septic arthritis, epididymitis, meningitis or even the pelvic inflammatory disease in women.


The only plausible method of prevention is the proper use of condoms. The condoms should be worn properly covering as much of the genitals as possible. It is also important to realize that this disease is transmitted generally by people who have sexual relationships with multiple partners.

Treatment Cost

The treatment cost is reasonable as it involves only a short course of antibiotics. If identified in the early stages Gonorrhea can be treated easily without complicated procedures.