Focus Dailies

Focus DAILIES All Day Comfort

Focus DAILIES are daily disposable soft contact lenses by CIBA Vision that requires no cleaning at all. Hence, it is a hassle free solution to those who want to look good without worrying about maintenance routine. At the same time, they provide the clearest and most comfortable vision.

Does your job require extensive traveling? Are you in to sports? Do you feel uncomfortable about your lenses cleaning procedures? If yes, then Focus DAILIES are ideal for you. So, people on the go, wear them with confidence, anytime, anywhere.

Focus Dailies Features:
  • Focus dailies contact lenses are made up of extremely thin biocompatible material, hence are very light on your eyes
  • Focus dailies contact lenses are manufactured using The Lightstream Technology resulting in precise, smooth and clean edges

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses Usage:

  • Focus Dailies Contact Lenses daily wear up to 12-14 hours

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses Advantages:

  • Focus Dailies contact lenses no cleaning required
  • Focus Dailies contact lensesare Ideal for sports
  • Focus Dailies contact lensesare comfortable to wear
  • Focus Dailies contact lenses are very natural and light on eyes
  • Keeps worst of your allergies at bay as it prevents protein deposits by using fresh pair of focus dailies conatact lenses everyday
  • Economically feasible to use as you can wear focus dailies contact lenses on need basis
  • Hygienically excellent as it minimizes the build-up of natural oils, dust and pollution
  • No extra luggage or cost incurred, as no cleaning lotions are required.

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses Disadvantages:

  • Focus Dailies contact lenses are not recommended for longer period of wear (14+ hours)
  • Focus Dailies contact lenses not recommended for overnight usage

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses Other Info:

  • Focus DAILIES are also available in other two variations.
  • Refer to Focus DAILIES PROGRESSIVES if you want to replace your bifocals or readers.
  • Focus DAILIES TORIC offers great comfort and visual acuity for astigmatic patients.
  • Not designed to change your eye colour.

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses Technical Decription:

  • Power Range: +6.00 to -10.00
  • Base Curve: 8.6 mm
  • Diameter: 13.8 mm
  • Pack Size: 30 Lenses per box
  • Individually sealed and immersed in an isotonic phosphate - acetate solution
  • Color: transparent