Focus Dailies Contact Lenses

Focus dailies contact lenses is the brand name of Ciba vision, the eye care unit of Novartis, which is one of the world's leading health care organizations.

As the name suggests, focus dailies are disposable contact lenses which are advisable for those who are wearing the contact lenses for the first time or even those who are prone to allergies and infection. Focus dailies contact lenses is also perfect for those who are sports persons of for those who are too busy to indulge in regular cleaning or disinfecting normal contact lenses.

Focus dailies have also introduced daily disposable toric lenses for those suffering from astigmatism, a condition in which cornea of the eye is not in its proper shape and is disfigured. It also has in it stable bifocal lenses. Focus dailies come in light blue tint so that it is easier to handle and insert into the eyes. Also, focus dailies come with aqua rebase which releases moisturizing agent into the eyes thus preventing dry eyes and providing all-day comfort and clearer and crisper vision.

Benefits of Focus Dailies Contact Lenses:
    a) Focus dailies contact lenses save your time, money and effort. Since Focus dailies contact lenses are daily disposable lenses, you no longer need to worry about cleaning, disinfecting and storing them. You just have to throw away the contact lenses after wearing focus dailies contact lenses throughout the day. Since you don't need any cleaning solution or disinfectant, you save money too.

    b) Focus dailies contact lenses provide more comfort than normal contact lenses as it releases moisturizing agents into the eyes, keeping them wet and providing more comfort and clear vision.

    c) With focus dailies contact lenses, sports persons now no longer need to worry about the eye glasses falling off and breaking while playing. Also focus dailies enable you to have a better side vision.

    d) Focus dailies contact lenses are easier to handle and wear. Since focus dailies come in light blue tint, it is easier for you to see them and insert them. The tint is so light that it will not change the color of your eyes. Once the lenses are inserted, you won't feel that you are wearing contact lenses because focus dailies have ultra thin edges which provide more clarity in vision.

    e) You no longer need to worry even if you lose your contact lenses as focus dailies contact lenses are available at the cost of a dollar for a pair.

    f) Focus dailies contact lenses are healthier when compared to other contact lenses. Since these are daily disposable contact lenses, there is virtually no possibility of protein building up in the eye which may not only give you a blurred vision or infection but it also lead to hampering your vision, temporarily or permanently.

Apart from the focus dailies, one day disposable contact lenses, which were launched in 1996, focus dailies came out with its toric lenses and progressives.

Focus dailies progressives, the first daily disposable contact lenses for presbyopia the world over, was launched in the year 2000 in Italy. Focus dailies progressive is an alternative to bifocals which will enable you to see things that are near and far. Focus dailies toric are the first daily disposable contact lenses launched for patients suffering from astigmatism the world over. Initially launched in Switzerland in 2002, these lenses were later launched in US, Canada and other European countries.

Astigmatism is a condition in which cornea of the eye is not in its usual round shape and have several different curvatures, leading to blurred vision. Focus dailies toric provide you a clearer and crisper vision despite astigmatism.

Like other contact lenses, it is advisable for you to consult an eye care practitioner before buying contact lenses as you may not be aware of any problem existing in you eyes. Also, make sure that you do not wear contact lenses longer than the period prescribed for you.