Flat Belly Diet Plan

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat what you like while on a diet? What if a diet plan included dark chocolates? What if it also said that exercise is not so important? If you think that this kind of a diet plan cannot be real but only be dreamt of, you are wrong. The Flat Belly Diet is a diet plan that includes all of the above and promises you a flat belly in a month’s time.

Aims of the flat belly diet

Well, the Flat Belly Diet doesn’t let you eat everything that you like as you may like to think, but it does offer a lot more freedom than many strict diets. The diet focuses on decreasing the unhealthy saturated fats in our body and increasing the Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs). The creators of this diet believe that by incorporating MUFAs in every meal that you eat, you can target your belly fat and trim down in no time. The two major types of fats in our bodies are subcutaneous fat, which lies under the skin and visceral fat, which surrounds our body organs. The flat belly diet concentrates on the visceral fat, which is also said to be the most dangerous and a cause of many diseases.

The flat belly diet plan

1600 calories per day is what a woman of forty years or above with an average size and activity levels needs to stay healthy and have enough energy, say the creators of this diet. The program has a 32 day period, but you may continue for a longer time if you want some real lifestyle changes. The program begins with a four day anti-bloat jumpstart to help you lose your bloat almost immediately and could result in a 7-pound and 6-inch loss around your waist. Though the loss is mainly in the form of excess fluids and gases, it does provide the dieter a motivation to continue.

The next 28 days of your diet should be spent having three meals and one snack per day, each consisting of 400 calories and one MUFA component. Each of these meals including the snack should be separated by four hours to satisfy your hunger pangs and keep your metabolism well regulated. It is said that if you stick to this easy plan, you are sure to lose one to two pounds every week. Moderate exercise is recommended, but not mandatory.

Flat belly diet foods

The first four days of the plan are the strictest for you. You are asked to consume only 1200 to 1400 calories per day while drinking two liters of “sassy water” as well. The “sassy water” consists of herbs and spices and some other ingredients such as lemon, ginger, mint and cucumber. This water reduces your bloating and constipation and enhances your energy levels. You will be asked to avoid carbonated beverages, gassy, spicy and fried foods, sugar substitutes, raw vegetables, gum and salt.

The second phase of the diet after the four day anti-bloat period expects you to include one MUFA with every meal. Some examples of MUFA include canola, olive and flaxseed oils, pistachios, almonds, dry roasted peanuts, olives, fruits and dark chocolates. The Fat Belly brand has its own list of meals that you can consume, but they also allow you some flexibility as long as the MUFA is present.

Though the Flat Belly Diet is quite popular, you must always consult your doctor before you set out on any diet plan.