First Aid For Sprain

First Aid for sprain is very significant as it offers immediate relief to the victim. Sprain is a very painful condition where there is a tear or stretch of ligament that connects bones. It may occur in both upper as well as lower part of the body. Ankle, wrist and knees are the most common parts of body where sprain may occur.

It may occur due to accidents, trauma, lifting heavy objects and sport related injuries.

First Aid For Sprain Symptoms

It is important to look for symptoms while applying first aid for sprain. Symptoms of sprain include –

Excessive swelling, Pain, Bruising, Stiffening, Swelling, Numbness at site of injury, Inability to move joints.

The severity of injury is very difficult to access. Muscular strain, that is, stretched or torn muscles can be caused by excessive physical activity or improper posture. Until an x-ray can be performed it is very difficult to ascertain during first aid whether it is a sprain or a fracture. In many instances, sports persons or athletes sprain their knees or other part of the body while playing. It is essential to give them immediate medical care to bring down the swelling and ease the pain.

First Aid for Sprain Immediate Treatment

  • It is necessary to provide first aid for sprain to the patient as soon as possible.
  • With affected area elevated, have the patient rest.
  • Cold compress or ice pack wrapped in cloth must be pressed on the affected area.
  • In case pain becomes unbearable or swelling does not subside, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Injured person must be given lot of fluids to drink so that he stays hydrated.
  • Ibuprofen can be taken to reduce swelling.
  • While treating athletic injuries, physicians usually prescribe lots of Ibuprofen but before taking medication, doctors must be consulted for dosage.
  • Ice must be applied to the affected area for 20 to 40 minutes after every 2 to 4 hours for first two days. This first aid for Sprain could be helpful in relieving pain.
  • Immediately after injury, ice can be applied to the affected area.
  • The longer will be the recovery period if longer is the period of time without icing.
  • Affected area can be wrapped or compressed with an elastic bandage.
  • Care should be taken that it is not very tight otherwise the circulation may get hampered.
  • Above the heart, the body must be elevated so as to reduce swelling.
  • For 10 to 15 minutes, injuries must be let to re-warm.
  • Within 24 hours, if no improvements are visible by relative first aid sprain treatments, medical help must be immediately sought. 
  • Hydration, ibuprofen, compression, rest, ice and elevation are the only treatment for sprains.

First aid for sprain can make a lot of difference in victim’s status if given timely. However, it is recommended to seek medical advice as well.

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