First Aid for Snake Bite

First Aid is very important for any kind of emergency. It is true about snake bites as well. Not all snakes are poisonous but due to their physical appearance and impact of movies we are terrified of these reptiles. Many people become unconscious simply by looking at them and if they happen to bite, then all hell break loose!

The first and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind that do not panic and provide first aid for snake Bites as soon as possible to the victim. Panic may raise the pulse rate and blood pressure of the victim. This will move the venom faster in the blood stream of the victim. About 70% snakes are non poisonous and only 30% are poisonous out of which several are unable to inject their venom in victim’s body. Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Cottonmouth Water Moccasin, Coral Snake, etc are some of the poisonous snakes. Providing first aid for Snake bites could save sufferer’s life.

Symptoms In Case Of Snake Bite

The main symptoms of snake bite may include –

Difficulty in breathing, Bleeding from the gums, Unusual bruising on body, Swelling, Drooping eyelids, Drowsiness, Burning sensation, Weakness, Convulsions, Diarrhea, Fang marks in the skin, Increased thirst, Loss of muscle coordination, Nausea and vomiting, Numbness and tingling, Difficulty in speaking, Bleeding from the wound. 

If symptoms are observed closely and first aid for Snake Bite is administered timely, it can save the life of the victim.

First Aid For Snake Bite Immediate Treatment

  • In cases where the bite is on the arm, it is advisable to place the victim’s arm in a sling bandage or a piece of cloth to support the arm in a proper way. By applying this first aid for snake bite, we could cut down poison spreading in the body.
  • A splint can be used in case of bite on the leg or it can also be supported by bandage.
  • Legs can be supported and bandaged together but care should be taken that they are not bandaged too tightly. The idea is to immobilize the victim rather than applying any pressure.
  • Earlier compression bandage was used to check the poison spread in the body or the wound was cut to let out poison from the body.
  • The best possible to soothe victim is to wash away his wounds or bite with soap and water.
  • The affected area must be covered with a clean and cold compress.  
  • It can also be covered with a moist cloth to minimize swelling and discomfort.  
  • Vital signs of the victim must be monitored regularly.
  • When offering first aid for snake Bite, look for the symptoms closely. Do not waste time in trying any traditional treatments or remedies on victim. Do not apply any chemical or drug on the bite.

Try to calm the patient & administer first aid for snake bite immediately. Call the doctor instantly or take the victim to the nearest hospital without delay. In case there is no medical help nearby, a bandage must be applied and wrapped 2 to 4 inches above the bite to help the poison spread low down; this first aid for snake bite could save one’s life.

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