First Aid for Poisoning

For any poisoning related emergency, first aid is very important. It can occur due to swallowing, breathing in, injecting, or when exposed to a harmful poisonous substance. Poisoning can also occur by eating contaminated food or poisonous plants or by misuse of drugs and alcohol. Poisons are very harmful and they can cause injury, illness or in some cases even death. A chemical activity taking place in body cells cause these injuries.

Emergency can arise anytime, anywhere without intimation, thus it is advised to have information regarding first aid for poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning

Symptoms may differ according to the type of poison, they may include:

Abdominal pain, Chest pain, Bluish lips, Coughing, Diarrhea, Nausea and vomiting, Difficulty in breathing, Drowsiness, Double vision, Fever, Severe Headache, Increased heart rate, Loss of bladder control, Muscle twitching, Skin rash or burns, Unconsciousness

Person’s life could be saved, by noting the symptoms and thus by providing immediate first aid for poisoning.

Immediate Treatment - First Aid for poisoning

  • If someone swallows poison, the first thing to keep in mind is – Do not panic!!! & look for quick First aid for poisoning
  • Call the nearest emergency center of your area. Give them complete details, including the name of the poison if known so that the doctor is well prepared for the emergency.  Remove anything that is left in the mouth.
  • If the victim is not unconscious or having seizures than give him about 2 ounces of water to drink.
  • If the victim does not feel nauseas, repeat the procedure but in case nausea ensues, the process must be stopped immediately.
  • In case the victim starts vomiting, save the vomiting for later analysis.
  • Mouth to mouth artificial respiration needs to be given to the victim if his respiration becomes shallow, irregular or eases altogether; it is vital first aid for poisoning in case of respiration problem.
  • Overdose of barbiturates or other sleeping pills can cause depressed breathing. It is also advisable to loosen tight clothes and collars.
  • When you call emergency team to administer treatment to the victim, ask for oxygen cylinder in case the patient is unable to breathe properly.
  • In case the heart stops beating, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be given to the victim.
  • Another, significant first aid for poisoning is to flush out toxins from the body, it is important to induce vomiting in victim. It can be done by tickling the back of the throat using fingers or making him drink warm water.
  • Vomiting once will not be able to flush out all toxins so it is advisable to induce vomiting again so that poisons are thrown out of the body. This first aid for poisoning could considerably reduce the risk in some cases. After the stomach is emptied, the victim can be given tea, milk or several whites of eggs.
  • Some people give the patient raw eggs, mustard, vinegar, salt water or citrus fruit juices to cause vomiting or as an antidote.
  • The poison is not neutralized by giving these things and it may worsen the situation. Also it is important to take care that fingers should not be stuck in patient’s mouth to cause vomiting. This is a very dangerous procedure.

As soon as possible take the patient to the hospital so that proper treatment can be given to him. Although poisoning is basically fatal but if proper first aid for poisoning is given to the patient timely, he can be saved.

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