First Aid for Knocked Out Tooth

A fast action in the form of first aid is needed in case of knocked out tooth but before doing that it is important to ascertain whether there is a limb or life threatening injury or not. If you encounter a person who is found in muddle of blood with his teeth scattered around, try to find out if there is any serious injury sustained by the victim as dental injuries can wait. Timely first aid for knocked out teeth can help the patient to recover faster.

First Aid for Knocked Out Tooth Symptoms

Symptoms of knocked out tooth may include-

  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Nausea, Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches.

Administering immediate first aid for knocked out teeth could lessen additional harm.

Immediate Treatment – First Aid for Knocked out Tooth

  • In situation when a tooth is knocked off, quickly rinse off the affected area with clean water. This immediate first aid for knocked out teeth could give some relief from pain.
  • Keep in mind that the area should not be scrubbed rather cleaned.
  • To prevent damage to the ligaments, care should be taken that the tooth is held from the crown instead of root.
  • Although it is difficult in case of kids, tooth should be put back into the socket in case of cooperative adults.
  • Re-implanting the tooth on their own is a cause of discomfort among most of the people; therefore, tooth must be carried to the dentist in milk, saline or saliva.
  • In case the individual is willing, place his tooth between the cheek and gum line.
  • Since the root can be protected only by keeping it moist and provides protection against bacteria, the best place for the tooth is patient’s mouth.
  • Tooth must never be transported dry as it may cause damage within a short while.
  • Water must not be used to transport tooth.
  • The tooth must be kept in a tooth saver solution in case of children or adults who are not very cooperative.
  • This solution can either be provided by a dentist or you can immerse it in milk, saline or saliva.
  • Sometimes, kids swallow tooth as they are crying and howling loudly or may inhale it causing choking.
  • Take care that this does not happen. Rinse the mouth out thoroughly in case bleeding from the socket is visible. A wad of gauze or tissue must be pressed on the socket and bite on it for a while so that bleeding stops completely. Bleeding stops, when pressure is firmly exerted for a while.
  • In case the tooth is loosened, pushed in or broken, one must avoid eating or drinking anything.
  • Sometimes in case of accidents, blow on the face or fall, tooth gets broken into pieces.
  • In such situations, the broken parts of the tooth must be retrieved carefully while giving first aid for knocked out teeth and taken to the dentist along with the patient in the solution suggested above.

Calm down and apply first aid for knocked out teeth, this could help patient from causing further problems. Rush the patient to the dentist.

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