First Aid for Human Bites

It is a well known fact that in case an animal like a dog or cat bites a human being, medical attention should be sought immediately.  Surprisingly, quite a number of cases arise when a person is bitten not by an animal but another human.  This could be very dangerous as well and the victim should be immediately provided first aid for human bites.

Situations in which Human Bites are Inflicted

One human may bite another in a situation where a child at play bites another.  Or it may be a very serious situation where there is sexual assault.  It could happen in the course of adults quarreling or it may be a case of a mentally imbalanced individual biting another person.  A person suffering from epileptic seizures may bite another accidentally. Whatever the case, the bite could cause a very serious infection and requires immediate first aid.  But often immediate help is not sought, either due to the ignorance of the victim or plain embarrassment.

Types of Human Bites

  • It could be an actual bite where the victim’s flesh gets caught between another person’s teeth.  This is usually a deliberate attack and if a parent or spouse is responsible, then he or she can be reported to the police.  However if such acts happen in school where one child bites another, the situation cannot be reported.
  • Another kind is where the biting is not done deliberately.  It could happen when playing a sport or during a quarrel.  It is usually caused by one person’s fist hitting the teeth of another and the fist getting badly injured.  Such injuries usually could result in a very serious infection.

How to Provide First Aid for Human Bbites

  • If it is found that the wound is not bleeding much, it should be washed with soap and water. It should not be scrubbed as this could cause more damage.
  • By turning on the tap of water to the maximum, the wound should be thoroughly cleaned.
  • If there is bleeding, direct pressure can be applied near the affected part.
  • The wound should be covered with a sterile bandage.

Providing first aid for human bites however is not enough and a visit to the doctor is a must for cleaning the wound and getting a tetanus injection.

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