First Aid For Sunburns

First aid for sunburns works a lot & if given in a proper way helps the person in speedy recovery. Although sunburn is little different from other types of burns but treatment is very similar. We know that prevention is always better than cure; therefore, one must use sunscreen before stepping out in sun. Lather sun block substantially as this is only going to save you from the pain and discomfort of sunburns.

It is important to understand the reasons behind sunburns. Sunburn doesn’t occur due to heat rather they occur due to UV radiation. That is why sunburns are also caused on cold and snowy days. Cold weather sometimes fools us and when stepping out we think that there is no danger of sunburns in such cool weather. But since sunburns occur due to UV radiation, it can occur in such cool climate also. Therefore people going for skiing or snowboarding are advice to prevent them from sunburns. Sunburns usually cause first degree burns and proper care should be taken while treating it as it may lead to skin infection as well. Our skin is a sense organ that controls the amount of heat that our body can retain or release. It also protects us from various infections and holds in fluids. Sunburns causes damage to our skin thereby unbalancing the function carried out by our skin. Precautions & First aid for sunburns can prevent skin harm.


The most common symptoms of sunburn are

Reddening of the skin, Pain, Abnormally warm after sun exposure, Blisters

In case infants are exposed to sun and show symptoms like fever, severe pain and painful blisters, immediate first aid for sunburns must be given and medical help must be sought.

Immediate Treatment – First Aid for Sunburns

  • Sometimes burns caused by sunburns are acute and in such conditions it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately as this condition is quite painful.
  • By measuring the depth of damage into the skin and the area under sunburn gives us an idea as to the type of burn sustained.
  • On this basis only treatment is given to the patient.
  • Treatment of sunburn involves more precautions.
  • It is not advisable to go out in the sun again after being affecting from sunburn.
  • Cold cloth compresses must be applied or sunburned area must be immersed in cool water. Applying this first aid for sunburns can reduce pain.
  • Lots of moisturizing lotion or cream must be lathered on the affected skin.
  • Butter or ointment must not be used.
  • In case there are blisters on the skin, wrap a bandage lightly over the affected skin to prevent infection.
  • The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that blisters must not be broken.
  • Sometimes there is lot of itching and pain, in such condition painkillers such as acetaminophen may be taken.
  • Timely precautions & first aid for sunburns can ease the pain and discomfort of the sufferer & help him/her cure faster.

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