First Aid for Severe Bleeding

Severe Bleeding could increase risk of patient’s life. It can lead to unconsciousness or even death if proper first aid for severe bleeding is not given.

Severe bleeding is observed in case of accidents, fall, Point objects tearing flesh, etc.

 In any case before medical help arrives, it is essential to provide first aid for severe bleeding to the victim so that his condition does not deteriorate any further.

Immediate Treatment – First Aid for Severe Bleeding

  • Clean plastic or rubber gloves should be worn before attending to a victim.
  • In case gloves are not available use anything that will help to prevent infection in victim’s body.
  • Sometimes people in their panic touch the patient and his wound without any protection and contaminate victim’s wound. Before offering first aid for severe bleeding it is important to keep this in mind.
  • Next step which is very important is to slow blood loss which can be done by laying him down on his back, unless the wound is on the back.
  • The area with the wound must be elevated if possible.
  • Loss of blood invariably leads to loss of heat or hypothermia in victim’s body.
  • Remove clothing as little as possible to avoid this situation, also put any spare cloth, blanket, jacket, etc over him to prevent the loss of heat from his body.
  • If possible, Wound must be washed with clean water and obvious dirt or debris must be removed.
  • Do not attempt to pull any slice of glass, or bullet or any other object from the wound.
  • Apply any sterile gauge or cloth on the wound and use lot of it. Apply this first aid for severe bleeding can prevent excess loss of blood.
  • With a wrapping of bandages and medical tape, hold this gauze in place.
  • Something highly absorbent such as a towel or a blanket must be pressed over the wound and apply direct pressure on it.
  • For at least twenty minutes this pressure must be kept on so that bleeding stops completely.
  • In case the bleeding still persists, press the wound for some more time.
  • Bandages must not be removed as when you will try to remove bandage, the wound will again open and start bleeding.
  • The entire activity must be done before the medical help arrives or the victim is taken to the hospital.
  • Since blood is vital for our existence, care should be taken that bleeding is tried to be stopped immediately.
  • In case of excessive blood loss, body functions starts shutting down and the victim may go in a shock.

This may also prove to be fatal hence it is very important that the victim gets timely first aid for severe bleeding. As soon as possible, seek medical help or rush the patient to the hospital so that proper treatment can be given to him.

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