First Aid for Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is a very common disease that almost every child would have suffered. When children are young, the infection is a little mild and it is serious for infants and adults. If proper precautions are not taken, it may also relapse.

Causes for Chicken Pox

  • Chicken pox can spread through air or can pass on by coming in contact with any infected person.
  • It is caused by a particular virus known as Varicella-Zoster.
  • Chicken pox is very contagious till the boils or blisters completely disappear.

Symptoms of Chicken Pox

  • Some obvious symptoms of chicken pox are:-
  • A person may get rashes all over the body.
  • The body may be filled with blisters
  • The person may also suffer from pneumonia
  • Very high fever
  • The itching is uncontrollable
  • In severe cases, the brain may also get damaged.

First Aid for Chicken Pox

  • If you notice the above symptoms of chicken pox, the first thing to do is to take a luke-warm water bath.
  • Drink lots of cold fluids like coconut water.
  • Keep your nails trimmed so that you do not scratch your body and damage the skin.
  • Do not take aspirin
  • If the fever is very high, take an ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.
  • You can also take Acyclovir which is a very affective medicine to cure chicken pox.

Prevention from Getting Infected with Chicken Pox

  • If you are infected with chicken pox, stay at home as the infection may spread to others. If someone you know has chicken pox that person should stay indoors.
  • You can go for vaccinations to prevent chicken pox.
  • Pregnant women and people who are allergic to neomycin and gelatin should specially go for vaccination.
  • The first dose of vaccination should be given between the ages of 12-18 months.

Follow the above first aid procedures for chicken pox and keep yourself safe from this contagious infection. The first aid steps will helps you to prevent this infection from spreading to others as well

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