First Aid for Chemical in the Eye

Chemical in the eye can be very dangerous as a person can go blind. Such accident can happen to people who work in factories, chemical labs and even at home. Every person has to be careful with their eyes as eyes are very sensitive to dust, pollution, chemicals and other things. Below are a few first aid tips that can be followed for a person whose eyes have been harmed by chemical.

Chemical in Eye First Aid

If you notice a chemical splash in your eye you should immediately

Splash Water in your Eyes- Do not rub your eyes with bare hands. Immediately splash tap water in your eyes for about 20 minutes or follow any of the below steps that is fast.

Step 1- Quickly get under the shower and allow the running water to flow over your forehead and the eye that’s affected. If both your eyes are affected, try and allow the water to flow over the bridge of your nose to the eye. Keep your eye or eyes open.

Step 2- Tilt your head down and to one side. Now try and keep the eye open under a tap water for some time.

Step 3- If a kid is affected with chemical in the eye, then make the kid to lie down in a bathtub or make him/her place the head over a sink and gently pour water over the kid’s forehead. Make sure that the water flows over the bridge of the nose or the eye that is affected by the chemical.

Hands should be Washed with Soap Water- If there is a splash of chemical in your eye, make sure you wash your hands with soap water. This is to make sure that no chemical stays back in your hands.

Contact lenses should be Removed- If you are wearing contact lenses make sure that you remove them first when you are splashing water.

Do not use Eye Drops- If a chemical gets into your eyes, do not use eye drops as this may worsen the condition. As soon as you splash water and your eye gets better, get medical assistance.

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