First Aid for Electric Shock

Any person struck with an electric current can be very serious. The electric shock can be man-made or natural. When a person gets an electric shock, he/she can just collapse. The muscles contract and the person may experience seizures. Other serious problems are burns, dehydration, clotting of blood, fractures, and respiratory problems like failure of the heart or kidney.

First Aid for Electric Shock

  • If you notice a person is struck by electric shock, the first thing to do is to switch off the main current switch.

  • Do not move the person from that area or if you want to move use a wooden stick.

  • Put that person on his back and raise his feet higher than his head.

  • It is natural that the person would have frozen, so try to keep the victim warm by covering.

  • If the person experiences severe pain, the area can be massaged a little.

  • The most common result of electric shock is pain and fracture. If it’s a fracture, try to splint it.

  • If it is confirmed that the abdomen is not injured, then the victim can be give something warm to drink.

  • Check if the person is breathing, if he/she is not breathing, do CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation).

  • Immediately call the ambulance. While the ambulance arrives, do a physical check to see if there are any burns.

Always remember that do not give coffee, tea or alcohol to the victim which is struck by electric shock. This may worsen the situation. Keep the above first aid steps in mind and this can help you anytime. Providing first aid to a victim for electric shock can also save a person’s life. Stay calm and call the ambulance for further assistances.

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