First Aid for Dislocation

Dislocation is a bone injury in which the bones get dislocated from its normal position. This dislocation is a result of a fall from a height or a blow. It can also occur with a disease of the joints known as rheumatoid arthritis. 

Any person may suffer from dislocation and it is very common for people who are into sports like hockey or football. While playing any sport, a person is bound to fall and this hurts the joints like knees, ankles, shoulder and small joints like toes and finger.

First Aid for Dislocation

The first thing to remember is, not to move the joint. Call the ambulance and in the mean time make an ice pack and put it over the dislocated area. The ice pack will prevent the area from getting swollen, control the bleeding as well as will build the fluids inside the dislocated area. 

Another thing to remember is to remain still till you get help. Try to splint the dislocated joint to the original position. Refrain from forcing the dislocated joint to its original position as this may further damage the muscles, blood vessels, nerves or ligaments.    

Dislocation can be temporary depending on how serious the dislocation is. You may not be able to move your joint for days, weeks or even a month till it completely heels. Any type of dislocation will required a quick medical treatment. Therefore follow the above first aid steps to relax the dislocated joint until you get medical help. 

Dislocation cannot be prevented as it occurs with an accident. The only way is to be careful or avoid sports that may injure or dislocate your joints. An ice pack is the only first aid help that can suppress further complications to the dislocated joints.  

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