Eye Skin Care

There are special skin care treatments for eye skin care. Eye skin care is different than regular skin care because the skin tissue around the eyes is very delicate and thin and prone to wrinkles. In addition, eye skin care must be safe to use around the eyes as creams and ointments can get in the eyes.

  • There are many different types of eye skin care products on the market. Some of eye skin care products are made to firm up the skin around the eyes and eliminate fine lines. While many eye skin care products are designed to protect the skin around the eyes at night, there are some eye skin care products that are worn during the day, under makeup.
  • Eye skin care usually consists of thick gels or tubes of ointments. These eye skin care products are soothing for tired eyes and in addition to hydrating the skin around the eyes, also reduce swelling or "bags" under the eyes. Some people, in order to get more of a soothing relief from their eye skin care products, put the ointments or gels in the refrigerator to make them even cooler against the skin.
  • Natural eye skin care includes Vitamin E which can be disbursed from the capsules and put around the eyes. Vitamin E is safe to use around the eye area and can be very beneficial to hydrate the skin around the eyes. Vitamin E is also sold in creams in drugstores nationwide and is a very inexpensive, yet effective way to get good eye skin care, as well as facial skin care.
  • Another natural eye skin care product can be found in your grocery store. Cucumbers have long been known to sooth tired eyes, reduce swelling and eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Taking two slices of cucumber and putting them each on one eye for about 20 minutes is a natural way to perform eye skin care on yourself. People have been using this type of eye skin care therapy for years and many eye skin care products contain some form of cucumber extract in them.
  • High end eye skin care can include having injections at the site of wrinkles around the eyes. Many people resort to cosmetic surgery as a way to maintain eye skin care. Other people use products that are designed to eliminate the look of wrinkles around the eye and temporarily tighten the skin.
  • No matter what eye skin care products you use, make sure that they are safe to use around your eyes.