Erection Self Test

What is Erection Self Test?

An Erection self test is done on adult males to determine whether the man is able or unable to achieve erection during his sleep. The other common names for the test are Nocturnal penile tumescence stamp test or Nighttime penile tape test. The test results help doctors to make an assessment of the cause of erectile dysfunction in males and to determine possible treatments for male erectile dysfunction. Males get a penile erection during sleep as a result of internal physical processes and systematic blood flow. In case the male gets an erection during sleep than it can be presumed that he is physically fit to perform sexual activity. Otherwise, the male is considered incapable of holding erection and performing sexual activity and hence should undergo medical counselling.

Why is the test done?

The purpose of the test is to examine whether a man is physically capable of achieving erection at night. As a natural phenomenon all men with normal erectile function will get an erection during night. If the man fails to get the erection during night and the test result confirms the same then he is considered incapable of performing erectile function and is assumed to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

How is the test done?

Four to six postage stamps are necessary for the test. The following are the steps that needs to be followed:

  1. The candidate for Erection self test needs to wear brief type under pants that have a fly.
  2. The penis is taken out through the fly. Make sure that pubic hairs are kept against the body.
  3. Snugly wrap the postage stamps around the shaft of the penis to form a ring.
  4. Postage stamps used should be able to overlap at the ends so that the ring formed by the postage stamp around the shaft should be sealed. The so formed ring is sealed by moistening the stamps overlapping at the end and sticking it together.
  5. Put the penis back inside the brief under pants through the fly when the seal has dried completely.
  6. The test needs to be conducted for three nights.
  7. In the morning the candidate should check whether the stamp ring has broken along the perforated lines.

How to prepare for the test?

The following preparations are required for self erection test:

  1. Strip of four to six postage stamps.
  2. A brief type under pants that have a fly.
  3. The candidate for self erection test should not consume alcohol or sedatives for atleast teo days before the test.
  4. In case the candidate is under some sort of medication then the doctor performing the test should be consulted.
  5. The candidate should not consume steroids or any aphrodisiac.

Test Results

In the morning the candidate should check whether the stamp ring is broken along the perforated lines. If yes, then the man had erection during night and the inability to have erection during sexual encounter is of psychological nature. If no, then the man did not have erection during the night and the problem of erectile dysfunction is of physical nature. The test should be repeated for 3 nights. It is to be noted that though erection self test throws some light on the cause of erection dysfunction but it remains silent on other important factors like quality of erection, duration and numbers of erection during night.  The erection self test using postage stamps are no more in use. Now-a-days computer added tests are conducted wherein a computer aided ring is wrapped around the shaft which sends readings to an attached computer and hence gives more details including readings on blood flow and quality of erection thus helping the doctors in better analysis.