Engine 2 Diet – What Is It And How Does It Work?

The Engine 2 diet is a world famous book penned by Rip Esselstyn. It offers a 28 days diet planner to control extra weight and cholesterol. It focuses on the plant based foods and covers majorly vegetarian items like vegetable, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. It focuses on low fat-protein items and helps in attaining the desired fitness. The usual engine 2 diet include tofu, soy, veggie burgers, whole grain pasta, crackers. These items are low in fat, rich in protein, low in sugar and moderate salted. It focuses on the various elements like protein, salt, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, minerals and other useful nutrients. It is offered in many countries and locations in customized ways.

How Does It Work

It is a very structured plan and one has to follow all the instructions thoroughly. Before starting the four week quick fix programme one has to decide whether he is a “fire fighter” or a “fire cadet”. This book talks in detail as how to decide on these parameters. If the dieter wants very fast weight control he will be categorized as the fire fighter and he has to adopt the exhaustive and intensive plan. On the other hand if one wants a gradual and steady change he can go for the fire cadet plan. These programmes are accepted in almost all the geographies due to following reasons:

1. Easy to Start: Major food items are from veggie list and one can very easily start because they are available fresh and in natural form.

2. Rich in Nutrition: All the items of the diet chart are prepared in such a manner that they cover all the healthy compounds.

3. Good in taste: They have prepared the diet chart keeping in mind the taste of dieters. Items like sweet potato and apple sauce are liked by everyone.

4. Affordable: Engine 2 Diet plan is very cost effective and one can start it with very low investment.

5. Guidance: Dieters get proper guidance at various stages by the instructions mentioned in the book so that they should not deviate from the actual timelines.

Now let us understand the week wise diet calendar of engine 2 diet plans:

Week 1: There will be restrictions and control on dairy products. Processed and refined food items like white bread, chips, soda will not be allowed to take.

Week 2: This duration will be focused on reducing the meat intake like fish, egg, chicken etc.

Week 3: Here major focus will be on cutting the added or processed oils like coconut and olive oils.

Week 4: This is the last week and focuses on the fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed and other natural items.

At each week one builds on and moves to the next level of dieting measures. In these four weeks the dieter controls gradually all the weight gaining ingredients and puts them on the lower side. At last he achieves a highly balanced and healthy diet system.