10 Serious Side Effects Of Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet is a protein based diet approach developed by Pierre Dukan who was a famous French dietician. He wrote the book called The Dukan Diet and it got very good response from the market and over 7 million copies were sold in different parts of the world. He included more than 100 food items in the diet list and categorized the various steps in four units as:

Attack Phase: It is the starting phase when one looses rapidly 2-4 kilogram in a week time.

Cruise Phase: Here the dieter takes the protein rich food and gradually achieves the desired weight.

Consolidation Phase: It focuses on restricting the weight gain process by having only fruits and vegetables in the meals.

Stabilization: In this phase dieters eat foods as per their taste and need but they calculate the fat level and GI index beforehand to avoid weight gain.

Dukan diet has reported many side effects on the dieters. Here are some side effects listed below:

1. Constipation: Dukan Diet focuses on very strict food habits and many time dieters face abnormal constipations problems. Dukan diet limits the carbohydrate and in turn lowers the fiber in the body which eventually damages the digestive system.

2. Bad Breath: The next serious side effect is the problem of bad breath. Excessive use of fruits and herbs create this issue.

3. Fatigue: As Dukan Diet prevents many foods from eating, the dieters start facing the problem of fatigue and get tired early. They lose weight very fast and become very weak from inner side.

4. Flu: The dieters have reported the problem of induction and it has become the general concern after taking the Dukan Diet. It puts them on low energy and make irritable.

5. Deficiency of Nutrients: As the diet chart lowers the intake of vitamin rich items there are many deficiencies observed after exhaustive use of Dukan Diet.

6. Kidney Infections: In some cases users have faced problems related to kidney. Opponent of Dukan Diet have proposed that it disturbs the formation of Uric acid in the body and leads to kidney damage also.

7. Dry Mouth: One of the side effects of Dukan Diet is that dieters always feel dry mouth due to excessive control on the food intake. It makes them empty stomach most of the times.

8. Heart Disease: The Dukan Diet lowers the intake of anti oxidants in the body which in turn cause for heart related issues in the dieters.

9. Body Pain: Many dieters have encountered serious body pain and other issues also.

10. Early Ageing: This is also a serious issue with Dukan Diet that people start looking older due to the excessive diet control. Dieters have reported problem like losing immunity at a great extent and causing problems like cancer.

Every individual is different and can face one or other issue. If one is following the Dukan Diet and facing pain or any other problem in the beginning he must consult with the diet experts before moving further.