List of Drugs

A Drug is defined as an element that will have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing effects when in-taken into the body of a living thing it can be either human-being or an animal. That means it is a natural entity when consumed alters the function of body which can be physical or physiological and can effect in positive or negative way depending on legal or illegal drugs.

Legal Drugs: Legal drugs will be the natural material which is used for diagnosis, curing, medication or in the treatment of certain diseases or for health disorders. But these drugs are to be taken as per prescription or advice of the doctor because when taken in large quantities or misused can be harmful.

Illegal Drugs: These illegal drugs can be defined as those catalysts which will be habituated and are narcotic entities. These drugs when in-taken will lead to happiness, satisfaction and relaxation but excessive use will cause addiction or dependency.

Drugs that are used in medicine help to maintain as well as restore health to prevent diseases or wounds to body or brain. They will be curing illness, boost immunity power, supply extra nutrients along with vitamins which when taken along with healthy diet and exercise.

Below is the information regarding list of drugs:

Beauty Drugs Fitness
Hospitals Nutrition Occupational Health and Safety
Reproductive Health Services Vision