Asacol Drug

Important Information about Asacol

  • Asacol generic name is mesalamine
  • Asacol is used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, proctitis, and proctosigmoiditis
  • It reduces the chances to recurring of ulcerative colitis symptoms
  • It must be stored at room temperature and away from moisture and heat
  • Do not use this drug if you are allergic to aspirin
  • Inform your doctor in advance if you have liver or heart disease, any history of congestive heart failure, pyloric stenosis

Side Effects of Asacol are:

  • Mild nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, gas
  • Fever, sore throat, or other flu symptoms
  • Constipation
  • Headache or dizziness
  • Tired feeling
  • Skin rash