Heart Disease Drugs

Heart diseases are the major cause of heart failures and sudden cause of death to both men and women. The major heart disease can be called as “cardiovascular heart disease”. These heart diseases can be prevented by the medicinal drugs such as “plavix, Adempas, diovan, diovan hct, Soliris, Muse”. These medicines can prevent the heart from sudden failures and maintains the heart at normal condition. These drugs should be used when the doctor has suggested, maintained at room temperature and keep away from heat and moisture.
While taking these drugs don’t drink alcohol and don’t use other medicinal drugs such as aspirin. And the drugs can be taken with the suggested measures with full glass of water. Taking of over dosage may lead to many problems such as breathing shortness, vomits, bleeding of blood, vision problems, confusion of behavior and sudden fevers etc.

Heart-Disease Drugs

Plavix Abilify
Adderall Diovan
Diovan HCT Oxycontin
Concerta Coreg
Chantix Lovenox
Namenda Coreg CR
Micardis Coumadin
Atacand Catapres
Yaz Suboxone
Aldara Avalide
Procrit Benecar