Asthma Myths Drugs

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a constant state affecting the airways of the lungs. The hallmark symptoms of asthma are out of breath and trouble in breathing, but irregular cough or chest tension may be the only symptom. That may comprise

  • Chemicals
  • Animal
  • Dander
  • Exercise
  • Smoke
  • Pollution

Asthma Myths and Facts

Most People myth is if we have asthma we shouldn't exercise, but fact is exercise is as vital for people who are suffering with asthma and others also. People with asthma should do Slow warm-up, cool-down periods with exercise may help to prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm.

Most of people myth is we will outgrow with asthma but the fact is it may be true or false. Because half of the people who had asthma in their young age can be outgrow from disease may decrease as they grow older. But in many cases, symptoms recur when they come to age of 30s, due to smoking they may get a respiratory virus, or knowledge a large inhalant experience.


Recognize your cause is the 1st step in preventing asthma attacks. Some common asthma precipitate is not always noticeable, such as house dust mites, molds, and cockroaches

Reduce contact to all sources of smoke, tobacco, incense, candles, fires, and fireworks. Do not allow smoking in your home or car, and avoid public places that permit smoking.

Asthma-Myths Drugs

Advair Diskus Singulair
Levaquin Pulmicort
Combivent Flovent
Pro-Air HFA Pulmozyme
Asmanex Xopenex