10 Reasons Why Drinking Lots of Water May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

It is a general believe that one must consume a lot of water everyday to be fit and fine but many researchers have proved that excessive use of water can cause disorders in the body. Let us see some problem that water can create in human body system:

1. Pressure on Heart

Excessive use of water can exert more pressure on heart and in worst case it can cause for sudden heart stroke. Many kinds of heart disorders can be witnessed due to more use of water.

2. Over Hydration

If one is drinking too much water it can create problem of over hydration which in turn can leads to many other bad functions in the body. Higher water levels can encounter any immediate serious impact on the body.

3. Dilution of Nutrients

Excess intake of water in the body can cause some serious problems like many important nutrients will get dissolve in the water itself causing acute deficiencies in the body.

4. Swelling of Cells

When water flows at a rapid pace in the veins of the body it can make cells swelled and eventually convert it into many bodily disorders. Swelled cell can result into heart diseases and brain infections.

drinking lots of water problems

5. Kidney Issues

Excessive use of water weakens the strength of the kidney as it finds it difficult to purify the excess blood at a very fast speed. In extreme cases kidney failures can be witnessed. After a certain age kidney becomes weak in controlling the functions.

6. Decreased Level of Blood Sodium

When somebody consumes too much amount of water it decreases the sodium content in the blood and weakens its strength of sending the signals to the cell. As a result whole body becomes dysfunctional.

7. Low Body Mass

As the age grows the capacity of water absorbing decreases. Children can handle more water in their body due to their low body mass but grownups if use excess water it will make them sick. They should use water as per their digestive system and metabolic structure.

8. Water Intoxication

Excessive use of water can contaminate the various required liquids in the body and in turn decreases the immunity up to a great extent. If this phenomenon persists for a longer period in the whole body it can cause into death of cells and cancerous infections.

9. Breathing Issues

Excessive use of water can also be responsible for breathing problems. More consumption of water blocks some parts in the nasal area and eventually blocks the breathing which can cause into immediate death also in extreme cases.

10. Brain Issues

More intake of water can result into swelling of brain which can create outburst in the brain and one can die also. In this case brain stops giving directions to the body and problems like paralysis, brain fever, and stroke may be observed.

Therefore if one is taking too much amount of water in the body he or she must analyze his or her body condition first to avoid any above mentioned problems.