Disposable Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses came as a blessing to all those with visual impairment. They were especially useful for those who have active lifestyle like athletes. Disposable colored contact lenses are a recent addition to this family. They are a symbol of fun fashion statement. They are for all those young people (even those who are young at heart) who want to redefine fashion accessories and styles.

Disposable Colored Contact lenses are to be worn for a specific period of time (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and then replaced with a fresh piece of lens. Since they are discarded after a specified period of time the chances of microbial growth and eye infections are minimized. Disposable Colored Contact lenses are preferred by eye practioners and consumers for their convenience and safety benefits. Disposable Colored contact lenses are those soft PMS lenses, which can give a new color to the iris. The procedure for wearing the disposable colored contact lenses remains same and simple as of ordinary contact lenses but the disposable colored contact lenses can be worn by not only those who have visual impairment but by even those who have 20 / 20 eyesight. They can make your eyes look bigger and brighter; they can give you the spectacle free crisp and clear vision with the brilliant array of color variants.

The change in the iris color gives fresh look to the user - infact it can transform the way you look! Imagine having blue eyes on Monday, Brown Eyes on Tuesday and many more striking colors throughout the week!!! You can wear that vivid, sultry or exotic look depending on the mood. Disposable Colored contact lenses are suitable for all those who want to have fun with colors: blending their makeup, accessories and dress with the color of their eyes. It can add a spring to your steps, confidence in you bearing, radiance to your smile and turn heads as you walk down the street.

However a note of precaution has already been issued by food and Drug Authority (FDA), USA warning people not to wear contact lenses without prescription and to get the lenses fitted by professional lens practioner. This warning is especially important, as disposable colored contact lenses are available at a cheaper rate in the flea market and convenience stores. Several incidents have been cited by the FDA itself about: permanent eye injury, potentially leading to blindness, caused by non-corrective, decorative contact lenses distributed without a proper prescription. Though used as fashion statement they have certain technical dimensions (Base Curve and Diameter of the iris) that need to be matched with the iris of the users, which only a certified practioner can do.

Numbers of variants are available in Disposable Colored Contact Lenses like:

Variants of disposable colored contact lenses on the basis of different shades of color are: amethist, blue, brown, green, grey, honey, pure hazel, true sapphire, pure turquoise, Violet, red, yellow, pacific blue, Caribbean aqua and many more! (Aren't You Amazed by the variety of looks that you can have!!!)

Variants on the basis of usage include: Daily Disposable Color Contact lenses (which are of one time usage), One to Two week usage disposable color contact lenses, monthly disposable colored contact lenses.

Variants on the basis of Dimensions: (The Dimensions of the disposable colored contact lens include: Base Curve & Diameter of the iris and Power).

Isn't it tempting to try one RIGHT NOW! But wait there are certain points to be remembered while buying a disposable colored colored contact lenses, they are:

The water content of the disposable colored contact lenses should be high (not less than 50%).

The disposable colored contact lens should contain an inside out "FL" indicator to help ensure proper application/insertion.

The material content should be 45% Polymer (vifilcon A) which is the latest technology available in the market.

Disposable Colored Contact Lenses should be discarded every day, every week or every month - depending on the prescribed frequency of use. Usage of Disposable colored contact lenses even one day above the prescribed limit can be fatal for eyes.

Buy disposable colored contact lenses ONLY on the basis of the dimensions prescribed by a certified Doctor.

Follow all the steps for taking care of your disposable colored contact lenses advised by the lens practioner.

Modern technologies have provided a perfect blend of brilliant array of colors and comfortable wear to the users of disposable colored contact lenses and incidents of any harm to eye by those who follow all the guidelines are none. So let your apprehensions of using disposable colored contact lens become a passé. If you Dream or You Dare Or You Wish to Discover a New You-- Go Grab One NOW!!!