Diabetes Nature Cure

Diabetes is rapidly spreading across the world as the next big killer epidemic. There are three types of diabetes - type 1( insulin-dependent), type 2 (non-insulin dependent) and gestational (pregnancy-related).

There are several natural cures for diabetes, suggesting enough evidence on how to prevent diabetes the herbal way with dietary supplements and how to keep it under control in those who are already diabetic This, combined with correct lifestyle habits can reduce and bring down the need for diabetic medication, thereby preventing tissue and organ damage associated with uncontrolled blood sugar levels. These natural herbs cans be found in specific regions, complete with certain vitamins and minerals. Herbal treatment of diabetes has been found to be very effective and relatively non-toxic compared to drugs with undesirable side effects while being successful at controlling blood sugar levels. Some of the common natural remedies for diabetes are the following :

Common Remedies of Diabetes

1. Regular dose of mashed mixture fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in water is known to cure diabetes.

2.Bitter gourd (karela in Indian languages) can be had in the form of juice, or simply fried with salt and other condiments.

3. Regular dose of a mixture of equal amounts of turmeric powder and dried gooseberry powder with honey or gooseberry and fresh turmeric juice on an empty stomach. Gooseberry is high on vitamin C. A regular dose of a tablespoon of gooseberry juice with a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice is advisable.

4. Regular consumption of grapefruit juice.

5.Consumption of boiled fresh mango leaves in the morning.

6. Taking mashed leaves of the blueberry (jamun) tree in water for 5-10 days is helpful and chewing of the leaves in the morning and the evening in the early stages help. Also, the seeds of jamun help prevent conversion of starch into sugar besides the fresh ripe fruit.

7. Regular consumption of cinnamon reduces factors diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A litre of cinnamon water is helpful to use blood sugar naturally.

8. Regular intake of two tender neem leaves and bilva reduces blood sugar.

9.Regular intake of soaked almonds on an empty stomach are also beneficial.

10. Sugar levels are also maintained by taking tulsi leaves, neem leaves and belparas with water on an empty stomach.

11. Cereals supplemented with gram flour is highly beneficial.

12. A soya rich diet is ideal as it helps with proteins, iron, calcium, vitamin A and fiber.

13. Plantain water is also a diabetic remedy.

14. Regular moderate exercise and specific yoga techniques like shashankasana correct body weight and insulin resistance.

15. Avoid refined sugar.

16. Regular intake of oranges, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, string beans, onion 24 and garlic help to reduce blood sugar. Besides the pungent taste, fresh garlic ensures a healthy blood  circulation.

17. North Indian ginseng improves blood sugar.

18. Optimum levels of minerals like chromium, magnesium and zinc from nutritional supplements, green leafy vegetables, fresh oysters, meat, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, and whole grains.

19. Aloe vera gel is also helpful to reduce blood glucose levels.

20. Adequate vitamin C and D supplements from food sources and also, exposure to sunlight help in lowering high sugar blood levels, thereby delaying the onset of a heart stroke.

21. Regular consumption of four cups of tea daily may reduce risk of type 2 of diabetes. Green tea helps prevent diabetes, while black tea aids in diabetes management.

22. Cayenne pepper powder has medicinal benefits - increases body metabolism and helps in losing weight besides easing complications in diabetes.

23. Extract from the banaba herb or leaf, commonly known as “plant insulin” or “botanical insulin” among natural cures for diabetes. It is a very popular medicine in Philippines and in Japan, as the banaba tea while the Americans are trying to secure it as a natural cure for losing weight.

24. The juice extracted from the bark of the Indian kino, Malabar kino is used to treat diabetes.