Derma Skin Care

There are dozens of products in the Derma skin care line, also called Dermalogica skin care, that are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, condition and moisturize your skin. Derma skin productsinclude just about something for everyone and are specifically suited towards different skin types. Derma skin care is not cheap - it is one of the few luxury skin care companies on the market. However, the results of using Derma skin productshave kept many customers satisfied.

Derma skin products include the following:

1. Cleansers. Derma Skin Care makes many different types of facial cleansers as well as afacial cleansing brush that is safe to use all over your face.

  • Dermal Clay Cleanser is an excellent Derma skin product that can clean oily skin. Those with dry skin can benefit from the Derma skin care Essential Cleansing Solution that is gentle, yet does a great job of cleansing skin without drying it out. 
  • A special cleansing gel made with lavender extract is ideal for any type of skin at any time. Other Derma skin products for cleansing the face and uses include Ultracalming cleanser and soothe and refresh skin and an Anti-Bacterial wash for those suffering with acne, blackheads or very oily skin.

2. Conditioners. After using Derma skin products to cleanse the face, it is important to make sure that all dead cells and dirt are removed from the skin. This is known as conditioning and is an important step in skin care. Derma skin care conditioning products include wipes that are perfect for oily skin, a toning spritz that is perfect for any type of skin and can double as a moisturizer, and a cream exfoliant that is very effective for treating dry skin. Also included in the Derma skin care line for skin conditioning are a spray for tired or irritated skin that reduces redness and a corn cob skin scrub that works as both a cleanser and a conditioner.

3. Moisturizers. Derma skin care moisturizers are used after the conditioning product and include oil control moisturizers for acne prone or oily skin, oil free moisturizers and a light weight moisturizer that works very well on dry skin and also contains sunblock. There is also Barrier Repair moisturizer that acts as an anti-aging cream and soothes and smoothes skin.

4. Masques. Derma skin care offers five different masques that are used a few times a week for a variety of different purposes. The Anti-Bacterial masque in the Derma skin care line is very effective at calming irritated skin and keeping it free from breakouts. Other masques in the Dermaskin care line work very well at rejuvenating the skin and replenishing cells.

Derma skin products are available in fine stores or online. No matter what type of skin you have, there is a Derma skin product that is right for you.