Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable contact lenses, as the name suggests, are lenses which are worn just for a day and disposed off the same day. These Daily Disposable contact lenses are preferred by those who wear lenses once in a while. Also those who are prone to eye infections or are suffering from astigmatism prefer these lenses as these are changed daily, thus minimizing the risk of getting eye infection.

It is also beneficial for those who are leading very busy lives and have no time for cleaning or maintaining the contact lenses. Sportspersons too opt for these daily disposable contact lenses.

Before disposable contact lenses were introduced, it was considered healthy if contact lenses were replaced frequently. But since these contact lenses were too expensive, people used cleaning solutions and disinfectants for cleaning and maintaining them. Later, contact lens manufacturers used new methods to produce good quality lenses at affordable prices, which enabled people to replace them frequently.

Daily disposable contact lenses are not only used to correct or improve vision-related problems like myopia,hyperopia and astigmatism but they are also used to change the color of the eyes to match with your dress.

Johnson and Johnson was the first company to introduce daily disposable contact lenses with the Acuvue 1-day Later, Ciba (Focus Dailies) and Bausch & Lomb (Soflens 1-day) too introduced their versions.

Since many small companies too have come into the market with their daily disposable contact lenses, it is always advisable to consult your optometrist before buying a particular brand of lenses.

Advantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses:

It is convenient to use as you just have to insert the lens in your eyes and at the end of the day throw them into the dustbin. You no longer need to worry about cleaning and disinfecting the lenses.

You save a lot of money too as you don't have to buy contact lenses cleaning solution and contact cases for keeping lenses when you are not using it.

Since daily disposable contact lenses are disposed off after wearing daily disposable contact lenses for a day, there are no chances of day-to-day lens deposit buildup of harmful pathogens which may lead to eye infections or other eye-related problems. You will also reduce risk of getting eye problems since you will not sleep with the lenses in the eyes. Daily disposable contact lenses is also beneficial for those who are prone to allergies.

Most of these daily disposable contact lenses come at affordable prices so you don't have to worry about it upsetting your budget.

As a used disposable contact lens is not worn again, you get clear and good vision since there is no time for calcium or protein to buildup in your contact lenses.

Daily disposable contact lenses are also very comfortable to wear and take less time in adjusting with your eyes as compared to the conventional contact lenses.

Daily disposable contact lenses are very popular in Europe and Asia while it contributes 5 per cent to the contact lens market in the US. The reason being is that you need 360 pairs of daily disposable contact lenses if you are a regular user and though daily disposable contact lenses are cheap in comparison to conventional ones, you will have to shell out 600-700 dollar every year especially if you are buying them for your optician.

It is preferable to buy branded daily disposable contact lenses online as it is much cheaper than buying it from your doctors. The reason behind this is most of these online companies save money on employees, rent and other taxes which a physical optometrist has to pay as a result they sell daily disposable contact lenses at cheaper rates. But make sure that the company you are buying daily disposable contact lenses from is a trustworthy companies because it is your eyes which are at stake.