Daily Disposable Contact Lenses-I

Daily disposable contact lenses are the lenses which to be disposed off at night after wearing it throughout the day. Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for those who lead very busy lives and have no time to go through the routine of disinfecting, cleaning and maintaining the lenses. These lenses are also perfect for those who are more prone to allergies or infections. It is also best suited for those who wear the lenses occasionally and even sportspersons.

History of Daily Disposable contact lenses:

Initially, contact lenses were made from glass. Since these lenses were very expensive, they could not be replaced more often. As a result, various solutions were used to clean and prolong the life of contact lenses. Some contact lens manufacturers started experimenting with new cost-efficient ways to make contact lenses. This led to the development of cheaper contact lenses which could be frequently replaced.

While some disposable contact lenses use the same material as normal contact lenses, others use materials specifically for the purpose of disposable lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses were first introduced by Johnson and Johnson's eye care unit Acuvue. It was followed by Focus Dailies from Ciba and Bausch and Lomb's Soflens One-Day.

Advantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses:

Daily Disposable contact lenses save your time and effort as you don't have to worry about cleaning, disinfecting or maintaining the contact lenses. You just have to slip in the lenses into the eyes in the morning and remove it in the nights.

Daily disposable contact lenses help you save money too as you don't have to buy cleaning solution or disinfectants for cleaning and maintaining the lenses. Also, daily disposable contact lenses are priced comparatively cheaper at around one dollar per pair.

Since these daily disposable contact lenses are disposed off at night, they do not get enough time to build up protein and harmful bacteria in the eyes, resulting in a clearer and proper vision clarity throughout the day.

These daily disposable contact lenses are healthier and safer as compared to other contact lenses. There are less chances of its wearer catching eye infection and allergies as these are daily contact lenses which have to be disposed off everyday after using them throughout the day.

Cost of Daily Disposable contact lenses:

Daily disposable contact lenses are very affordable as you can get a pair for dollar. It is advisable that you buy your year's supply of daily disposable contact lenses from internet retailers rather than your dentist as these daily disposable contact lenses will be more economical if you buy online.

But you have to be careful while buying online daily disposable contact so that you don't get cheated by receiving fake contact lenses. It is better that you buy branded daily disposable contact lenses directly from the company's official website as you will be assured of good quality contact lenses at reasonable prices.

Like other traditional contact lenses, it is advisable that you go to an optician to get your eyes checked so that he can determine the condition of your eyes and recommend the perfect type of contact lenses for you.

You should never buy contact lenses without showing your recent prescription as it is illegal and it may also lead to temporary or permanent damage to your eyes. You should always follow your doctor's advice on the duration for which contact lenses should be worn. If your eyes are very sensitive and prone to allergies or infection, you should follow his advice to the T.

Precautions to be taken:

You should also make sure that you wash your hands before inserting and removing the lenses to prevent bacteria in your hands from getting transferred to your eyes through contact lenses, thereby further reducing the chances of your getting eye infection or allergies. But you should avoid washing hands with soap which has a fragrance as it may damage the eyes.

If you think cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses is a menial chore and want to avoid it, daily disposable contact lenses are the solution for all your problems.