Costume Contact Lenses

Costume contact lenses or special effect contact lenses are the lenses which can be used for Halloween-themed parties or theatrical purposes. You can use costume contact lenses even if you don't have any vision problem since costume contact lenses are available with and without prescriptive correction.

Costume contact lenses come in different varieties so you can use them to enhance your overall look and match with your outfit if you are dressing up for a Halloween party. For example, you can use costume contact lenses with jaguar design if you are dressing up as a jaguar. Similarly, you also get the costume contact lenses which have cat eye designs which can be used to give you a real cat look.

Like traditional contact lenses, costume contact lenses too need a prescription. Though these costume contact lenses are worn for short periods and basically designed for fun, costume contact lenses are medical devices. If costume contact lenses don't fit properly in your eyes or you do not take adequate precautions to clean and disinfect them, these costume contact lenses, too, can cause eye infections and other eye related problems or temporarily or permanently hamper your vision.

Even if your eyes are perfectly normal and vision is proper, you should consult your eye care practitioner on the kind of costume contact lenses. It is also advisable for you to get the costume contact lenses fitted and prescribed by the eye care practitioner.

You can buy costume contact lenses either from your eye care practitioner or from a reputed online store by sending them a copy of your prescription. It is advisable to buy branded costume contact lenses from a reputed store as it will ensure good quality, clear vision and greater satisfaction for you. Never buy costume contact lenses from a flea market or a store which does not ask for your prescription as chances are that the costume contact lenses may be spurious or illegal and they may be of inferior quality. Most of the online stores offer branded products at cheaper rates as compared to your eye care practitioner as they save money on employees, rent and other taxes. If you are buying online costume contact lenses, ask the company about its return policy in case the costume contact lenses you bought doesn't fit you perfectly.

Make sure that you regularly clean or disinfect costume contact lenses to give you a clear vision and prevent any kind of eye infection, abrasion or other eye related problems. Never share your contact lenses with your friends or relatives as this will make you more prone to catching eye infections. When you are not using them, make sure that you store these lenses in the solution recommended by your eye care practitioner so that they are totally sterile by the time you want to use them again. It is advisable to wash your hands before inserting or removing your costume contact lenses to prevent germs from contaminating them. But do not use soap which has fragrance as it will affect the lenses.

There are many companies in the market who customize costume contact lenses for use in movies, television or theatre. These companies provide the costume contact lenses with exact look that a particular character requires, be it to create natural effects like aging, scared look or blindness or to give supernatural effects like that of an alien, monster or an animal. These costume contact lenses are available in different powers if the user uses eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Most of these companies have experienced eye care practitioners on board who examine the eyes and customize lenses according to the actor's eyes and needs of the character. Since the costume contact lenses are customized, prices of such contact lenses are on the higher speed. Generally the price depends on the quality of the lens and its design.

Get your pair of costume contact lenses and have a different look!

Then there are lenses which should be disposed off in two weeks or a period of one month. Rigid gas permeable lenses last for many years and are very durable.