Contact Lenses Without Prescription

Contact lenses are worn either to cure myopia, astigmatism and other eye problems or to enhance the color of the eyes. Generally, an ophthalmologist or optometrist conducts several tests on the eyes of the patient to ascertain the extent of damage and measures the eyes to give him contact lenses which would fit him perfectly. Accordingly, he gives the prescription or eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Prescription is mandatory for contact lenses even if they are worn for cosmetic purposes. i.e. to change or enhance the color of the eyes. No authorized optometrist or optician would sell contact lenses without prescription as it may damage your eyes.

In the United States, it’s Food and Drug administration has put an embargo on the sale of contact lenses, especially colored contact lenses, without proper prescription by an optician.

However, there are many websites which sell contact lenses without prescription at reasonable rates. Some people also buy such contact lenses without prescription online from other countries where there are no restrictions on non-prescription contact lenses and get it delivered at their doorstep.

Some of the side-effects of wearing contact lenses without prescription include:

a) Contact lenses, which do not fit perfectly on the user, may rub his cornea, leading to infection and in worst cases, even blindness.

b) Corneal ulcer is another major side effect of contact lenses without prescription. One in every 2500 users of contact lenses with prescription are victims of corneal ulcer but the figures are higher among those who wear lenses without proper prescription as they do not properly care and maintain the lenses.

c) Since contact lenses without prescription are quite cheap as compared to other lenses, not much attention is paid to their quality. If the lenses you are using transmit less oxygen, cornea’s outer layer would not allow infection-causing bacteria to escape from the eye.

Still, if you want to use contact lenses to change the color of your eyes to suit your attire or mood, you need to take proper care of the lenses.

i) First of all, make sure that the contact lenses you are buying are of good quality and safe. Don’t go in for a particular contact lens just because they are cheap. It is quite possible that the cheap contact lenses are made of inferior material which may partially or permanently damage your eyes.

ii) Ask your friends and colleagues from where they bought contact lenses without prescription and if they are of good quality. This will help you in short listing the places which provide quality contact lenses without prescription.

iii) Make sure that the contact lenses without prescription you buy fit you perfectly. It is advisable that you try wearing contact lenses at the shop to ascertain whether its fit is perfect or not. If you are buying lenses without prescription online, ask the company about its return and refund policy in case the lens does not fit you properly.

iv) You should always clean the contact lenses with the solution provided with it. Make sure that you keep them dipped in the solution when you are not using them.

v) Take steps to ensure that cosmetics, creams and lotions do not enter the eyes.

vi) Even if some foreign particle falls into your eye, never rub it with your hands. Instead, wash your eyes with clean water and pat them dry. The foreign particle will automatically go away.

vii) Make sure that you do not wear contact lenses without prescription for longer duration. If you want to wear them for a party for two to three hours, it is ok but ensure that you remove them as soon as you return home.

viii) If you can’t see properly at nights, it is advisable that you don’t use opaque contact lenses as it may lead to infection in your eyes and even permanently damage them.

ix) Also ensure that you wash your eyes with clean water before wearing and after removing contact lenses. This will reduce your chances of getting any kind of eye infection.

It is advisable to avoid wearing contact lenses without prescription but if still want to wear them, make sure that you take adequate precautions and safety measures to prevent damage to your eyes. If you are buying lenses online visit this website for your choice, click here to view the contact lenses site.