Colored Contact Lenses

Got bored of your eye color? Want to look different and more fashionable? Colored contact lenses is the answer for your problem. Colored contact lens not only changes the color of your eyes, colored contact lenses also gives you a chance to experiment and look different. You can even match the color of your eyes with the outfit you are wearing!.

Types of Colored Contact Lenses

Following are the types of colored contact lenses available in the market:

  • Visibility Tints Do not change the color of the eye but have a very minimal tint of blue or green.
  • Enhancement Tints Exaggerate the natural color of eyes. If you have light brown eyes, these colored contact lenses will make it look dark brown, making your eyes stand out.
  • Color TintsThey are the ones which completely change the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, you can try out green, blue, hazel or any other kind of color to get the look you want.
  • Costume LensesThey are generally used for giving special effects in movies, serials or theatre. These colored contact lenses give its wearer a completely different look.
  • Light-filtering Tints: Generally used by sportspersons, make a particular color prominent and subdue the effect of other colors. If a tennis player wears this colored contact lenses lenses, it will give more prominence to green color and reduce the effect of other colors, making it easier for them to concentrate.

Colored contact lenses come in different colors like green, blue, hazel, grey, purple and brown. Depending on your mood and willingness to experiment, you can choose any one of them. The most important thing is determining the right color for your eyes because if you choose the wrong color, it may change your whole personality for the worse.

Advantages of Colored Contact Lenses
  • If you choose the right color for contact lenses, it may enhance your personality and give you a different look than usual. You should choose the color depending on the natural color of your eyes, skin and hair.
  • Since colored contact lenses are available for those who have a proper sight as well as who have blurred vision or some other kind of eye problem, now you can discard your spectacles to look more attractive with no hassles of handling the glasses.
  • There are disposable colored contact lenses and frequent replacement lenses. Disposable lenses have to be changed after some time, say, from one day to two weeks, while frequent replacement lenses last for three months or so.
Disadvantages of Colored Contact Lenses

If wearing colored contact lenses enhances your personality and gives you the required change, colored contact has some disadvantages too.

  • Your vision may be affected if the contact lens you are wearing is not according to the size of your pupil.
  • You have chances of catching eye infection if you share your lenses with your friends or family.
  • You may also catch eye infection if you don’t clean contact lenses properly with the solution before wearing them.
Tips for using Colored Contact Lenses
  • Before wearing colored contact lenses, you should properly wash your hands with soap which does not have excessive scent or oils to avoid lens from its effect. Follow the routine before removing the lens too. You should wear colored contact lenses before applying eye makeup.
  • Avoid mixing of lenses for both the eyes
  • Be careful while wearing and removing them. Your fingers should be dry while wearing them. Keep the colored contact lenses in the solution after removing them.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to ultra-violet rays

Many brands offer colored contact lenses like, Bausch and Lomb and Acuvue. Bausch and Lomb has also introduced Maxsight lenses for sportspersons that comes in two colors – Grey-green for golf players and athletes, amber for soccer players, tennis players, baseball players and footballers.

So, choose your color and give your eyes a completely different look!.