Cleansing Diet

Cleansing diet or detox (detoxification) diet is taken to remove toxic or poisonous substances from the body. Generally, cleansing diet is given to people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Cleansing of toxic substances from the body is done by giving a diet that consists herbs, natural fibers, raw foods, drinks made from lemon or other essential detoxifying natural products. The course of detox diet comprises a package of diet, yoga, meditation, and other activities that cleans each and every part of body and mind.

The diet is usually given for 2 weeks, depends on case to case, to clean the colon and to enhance circulation of toxic substances in order to remove toxic substances from the body quickly. Cleansing diet is mainly given to clean the toxic liver of the person who is taking it.  The diet not only cleans the system, but also provides the essential nutrients to the liver to protect it from the toxic substances.

The procedure to give cleansing diet is divided into steps that are given below:

  1. A detox screening quiz comprising several questions regarding the food and drinking habits and other health related concerns is asked to know the condition of person who wants to go for detox diet.
  2. Before going on detox diet, it is necessary to know what components makes detox diet, its side-effects, the amount of time it will take to show results, its health benefits, guidelines to follow it, and the criticism attached with it. The information regarding these concerns will help you in knowing whether the diet will prove beneficial for you or not.
  3. List out the food items you should take in your meal and food you should avoid. Some of the recommended food items for detox diet are

Organic food and drink without any poisonous compounds in them.

  • Whole unprocessed grains like grains or nuts.
  • Large portion of vegetables and fruits
  • Water (2lit/day)
  • Herbs

Food and drink items that one should avoid while taking diet are:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Processed food
  • Fried food
  • Supplement food
  1. Proper elimination of waste from the body: Toxic substances initially removed from the body in the form of urine and stool. So it is necessary to have normal bowel movements first to decrease the re absorption of toxics in the body.
  2. The diet should contain balanced amount of detox food items including high amount of fibrous vegetables and fruits and high intake of water around 2 lit.
  3. The diet should include proper amount of nutrients and vitamins which are required for the proper functioning of liver.
  4. Hypochlorhydria screening: The screening is done to know the alternate reason behind production of low stomach acid. It may be due to indigestion, food sensitivity, nutritional deficiency, bacterial overgrowth, weak hair, weak nails, and other similar reasons. Hypochlorhydria is mainly seen to people who are above 50 years.
  5. People on detox diet should take aleast 2 liter water per day. Tea and coffee could be skipped to ginger tea, which acts as detoxifying agent in the body.
  6. Above all, one should have healthy mind for healthy body. A person should have positive energy to possess healthy mind. Positive energy comes from positive attitude towards life and things around.
  7. Meditation and yoga are very helpful in removing negative thoughts from the body. Make a discipline to do yoga or meditation daily.