Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder as the name tells itself that it’s a disorder of the timings of the sleep. In Medical terms it’s a disorder of the sleep patterns of a person. Sleep orders may affect the normal physical, mental and emotional functioning of a person. There are various categories of sleep disorders and circadian rhythm sleep disorder is one of them. It is that member of sleep disorder family which that affects the timing of the sleep. People suffering from circadian rhythm sleep disorder are not able to sleep and wake up at their routine schedules.


Humans like most of animals and plants have biological rhythms also called as circadian rhythms. These rhythms are controlled by a biological clock. This clock works on a daily time scale like when a body has its sleep timings, after how much time it will wake up after the sleep etc.  due to the circadian clocks, sleepiness of the body does not increases as time passes rather the body gets ready for sleep and for wakefulness at different times of the day instead of following the routine cycle.


Symptoms of Circadian rhythm sleep disorder are just as discussed in what the disease is, that is, disorder of sleep timings.


Causes for this disorder can be many factors like changing of work shifts, pregnancy, and rapid change of time zone for frequent travelers, change in routines or sometimes medications also.


Circadian rhythm sleep disorder can be treated by fitting the sleep pattern of the patient into such a schedule which allows him or her to meet the demands of their lifestyle. There are many therapies and techniques like external stimulus therapy and sleep hygiene techniques, chronotherapy etc. in these therapies the bedtime of the patient is gradually & systematically manner adjusted till a desired routine of bedtime is not achieved.


These can be prevented to some level if we keep a proper routine in our lifestyle. There is an old saying, “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” This in short is the best way to maintain our healthy routine and lifestyle.