Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a complicated disorder which is exemplified by extreme tiredness or fatigue . This fatigue is not because of exertion and is not relieved by lying down and relaxing. With more physical or mental activity, fatigue may worsen. Patients improve over the time in some cases, even though CFS can cause long term illness and disability, which is a serious condition.


There are many theories by experts that directs as the cause of CFS, but the main cause of CFS is unknown. Some medical experts have an opinion that viral infection such as glandular fever can trigger it. Other suggested causes are like problematic immune system, imbalanced hormones in a person, psychiatric problems or conditions prevailing in a person, genetically tendency to develop CFS or any traumatic events like serious accidents can be linked as causes of the Chronic fatigue syndrome.


Fatigue is the main symptom of the chronic fatigue syndrome which does not go away with sleep or rest and it limits your usual activities. People suffering from severe CFS are unable to do basic or routine activities at their own and sometimes they even get confined to the bed. Other symptoms for CFS are muscular pains, headaches, short memories, lesser or poorer concentration, painful lymph nodes, stomach ache, sleeping disorders, and sensitivity to light, noise and even to certain food items. Sometimes the person may suffer from psychological problems like depression, irritability and even panic attacks.


There are some guidelines followed by doctors to diagnose CFS, but there is no specific test for CFS. It may take a long time to diagnose the condition but the doctors may have an idea of its state if a person has fatigue and if it is new, persistent and recurring, it is reducing the amount of routine activities, and if a person feels worse after some physical activity.


A patient can be treated with various therapies and medication but this could be prevented to a little extent. Changing our lifestyles is the best thing to do. Making a proper routine of all the daily tasks and giving proper rest to the body at regular intervals helps in bringing the body in a healthy decorum.