Child Safety

Child safety is the pioneer concern of all parents and most of them make sure that anything that might pose a hazard to the child is taken care of. But the kids always find something or the other that hurts them, which the parents have never thought of. The children are always on run and exploring thing around them. This exploring nature often gets them hurt, if proper precautions are not taken to protect them.

The children can get hurt at home, on travel or outdoors and most accidents in toddlers and infants occur inside the house. We can prevent almost all situations if a little effort for home safety is made from our side. At home there is a danger of poisoning, choking, and falling from stairs and lot more. Small kids can wander off outside the house if the main doors are kept open.

Most accidents occur in the kitchen and bathroom of the house. The hot surfaces, sharp objects like knife, gas leakage and poisoning from dish wash liquid and disinfectants are common in the kitchen. We can do a lot to prevent these dangers; try to lock all sharp object and poisonous liquid in a cabinet, prevent keeping anything hot or sharp at the edge of the work table, try to position the stove such that the kids can't reach to it and hot objects is to be kept in closed cabinets or at a higher rack. The most important thing is to see that the kitchen safety is to discourage children from coming to kitchen by making it an unattractive play place.

A child can get choked with a very little water in the bathroom, and most of us hear about several such accidents every year. Always remember to empty the buckets and bath tub after using the bathroom. Never ever leave the bathroom doors open as your little explorer have a tendency to go to the most restricted places in the house. Lock all the cosmetics and beauty care products out of the reach of children. Try to prevent slipping on bathroom tile by using slip resistant mat and try to keep your bathroom dry most of the time.

Stairs and railings also cause a number of accidents around the year. Installing child proof gates on stairs can prevent them from climbing the stairs unattended. These child proof gates have to be installed at the time your baby starts to crawl as the baby try to climb the steps at this age. Pressure gates should be avoided as it might pull back and hurt the child. All wirings should be cut short or tied up to prevent choking on it.

Toddlers have a likeness to eat anything they come across. This may either cause poisoning or choking in them. Keep an eye on them and never give small toys or other tiny objects to play with. Also see to it that things which can pose a choking hazard are out of reach of children. It has been found that most of the toys have very high concentration of lead in them; lead poisoning can be fatal in kids. Always buy good quality toys for your child to play.

There are many child safety devices available in the market. The main aim of these products is to keep your child safe at home and outdoors. There is a lot of safety devices but choose the one which is best for your house and don’t buy irrelevant objects. The child safety gate is one gadget that most of the house needs.

It prevents them from entering the restricted areas and stairs. The inflammable child safety door also helps the children away from fireplaces. The child safety locks prevents your child from opening the doors to dangerous areas in the house. These locks can be installed to cabinets, drawers and doors so as to keep them away from them. Baby proofing your house allows you to be tension free and lets the baby live safely.

The child safety car seats are also available, so that the child is safe and you are tension free. Many countries have strict rules on car safety and children should be kept under car restrain or safety seat. The car safety seat should be of appropriate size and fit, or else the baby won't be comfortable on travel. Use a safety seat with adjustable strap; it can be used even as your child grows. Use the car safety seat until the baby reaches the recommended age, after that you can use the seat belts for them during travel. The best child safety devices are not always the most expensive ones also choose the one most suited for you.

World is not a bed full of roses and there are people who prey on children. So keeping your child safe also includes keeping them safe from these strangers. Infants and toddlers should never be left unattended in malls, parks or beaches. Whatever you do, keep an eye on your child. When the children grow up talk to them about stranger's danger and keep them aware of the situation. But talking about the potential danger should not make them fear every person they encounter, tell them that all people they don’t know are not bad.

It is the parents who can guarantee the safety of their child most of the time, make sure your child is taken care of when they are not with you. As they grow up, train them to take care of themselves, so that they can overcome unpredictable situation that they may come across in future. Don’t worry if they fall ones or twice or get hurt while climbing the stair, because children learn from their experience and this will make your child capable of taking care of oneself when you are not around.