Child Care Jobs

Parents love to be with their child and watch them take every step towards their life. But most parents are not able to stay with their child 24*7 and give all the loves, care and attention the child needs. Many parents have their carriers, jobs and are forced to stay away from their child for some hours daily or a few days at a stretch. Today we have the nuclear family practice and if both parents have their carrier, it leaves behind their child or children at home with no one to take care. Parents are aware it is not safe to leave your child unattended but are forced to leave them at times. To help in such situations, there are a number of child care facilities available where you can have a good hand to take care of your child.

Many parents prefer child care to be provided in safety of their home environment. Private caretakers or the so called nanny can be availed to come to the child's place. The nanny care can be a nine to five job, which take care of the child when the parents are out, at their office. Nanny services are also provided on full time basis, if the parents tend to be out most of the time.

In such cases, the nanny lives with the family and takes care of the child. The nanny is responsible for looking after the child and his needs; his food and diet, health checkups, picking up from school in case of older children, all comes under nanny job list.  Nanny plays a key role in the physical, social, and mental development of the child as they are involved with each other, most of the time. Usually children up to twelve years of age are kept under nanny care.

Besides private care takers, other child care carriers are also taken up by people. These include baby sitter, family child care, and child care centre jobs. The baby sitter are just like nannies, the look after the kids at the child's home itself but the work is on hour basis, the child is taken care of for two or three hours. The baby sitter works with more than one child.

Family child care centre is a system where the kid is looked after in the caretaker's home. Around a dozen children are cared of at the same time. Very small children and preschoolers are accepted here, some may look after older children before and after classes.

The child care centre or the day care centre is an institution that offers to take care of the baby. Here the baby is taken care of for a few hours according to the program. They also take in preschooler and prepare them for school. Here relatively more number of children is attended. Many qualified child care workers and a child psychologist is available in most registered day care centers.

Here the children learn things as a group, small lessons and songs are also taught according to the child's age and most of the things are taught through plays and stories. The parents are informed about the progress of their child through meetings and discussions. Some child care center even promotes parental involvement in their programs.

Child development program are also provided through many centre, which help in the social and emotional development of the child. They design activities and program based on child psychology. Trained person with good knowledge into the children mind are best suited for this program. Games and group play are designed such that it helps to improve the mental and emotional health of the child.

Some parents feel the need of a caretaker during the school vacation when the children become the most unmanageable. Normally college students in search of a part time income are assigned as the summer care takers as professional care takers cost more. The child is kept involved in plays and is also prepared for classes after the summer holidays through these caretakers. This summer job provides a good and an easy income, if the child is an easy one.

What are the qualifications needed to be a child care taker?  No strict qualifications are needed to become a caretaker. Parents prefer those with good feedback, most parent want a loving, committed, adaptable and patient companion for their child. The parents want their child to be treated with compassion and hence care takers with maximum reviews are at demand. To work in a child care centre, the person ought to have some minimum qualification prescribed by the centre.

Mostly graduation in child development or related course is seen as an advantage. Care takers should know how the child's mind works and how to deal with the children most effectively.
Day care centers with more than the prescribed number of children should be licensed. To acquire the license, the workers should pass through the background detail check and health screening for any contagious disease; no one would prefer their child to get a disease from the unhealthy worker. The workers should also be immunized, and they should have the minimum training qualification.

Child care centers and baby sitters do take care of your child when you are not with them. Many cases of child molestation and torture have been reported by the 'care takers'. So, be very careful when you choose a nanny or care centre because you don’t want anyone to take advantage of your child when you are not around. Admit your child into reputed care centre with good reviews.