Cherubism is a rare genetic disorder that makes the lower part of the jaw and the face more prominent than the upper one. The first instance of such a genetic disorder was found in the early 30s, in Kingston, Ontario. While the disorder was discovered when the children of the Jewish Russian family were young children, the swellings increased by the time they reached their teens. They were successfully operated on, and there was no appearance of the swellings.


The main cause of cherubism is the loss of bone in the mandible. The body then replaces the bone with fibrous tissue, which makes the lower part of the look bloated and filled up. The name for this genetic disorder is derived from the typical body type found in the Renaissance paintings. Apart from disfiguring the place, it also causes premature loss of primary teeth and may also cause the permanent teeth not to erupt at the proper time.

Cherubism is a very rare genetic disorder and only two hundred cases have been reported, with a majority of them being males. This is a disease of the maxilla and mandible and is a rare autosomal dominant disease.

Cherubism is one of those diseases that erupt suddenly and then subside. In some cases, this disease is strongest during the teenage years and will subside, while in others, it really erupts during the adulthood of the person inflicted by cherubism.

There might be a cyst formation and the osteoclastic and osteoblastic remodeling changes the normal bone. In some cases, the eyes may have an upturned appearance, as the disease affects the orbital area too. The main cause of this disease is a genetic defect because of the mutation of the SH3BP2 gene from the chromosome 4p16.3.


Cherubism is mainly and completely physical in nature and there are no known symptoms of this disease, other than the general disfigurement of the face.


Currently, the only solution and cure for Cherubism is surgery. It is a completely painful genetic disorder and there is no medicine for the cure of the bone, so there is really not much space for oral medicines. 

Treatment Cost

 The treatment cost would depend on the kind of surgery that would be required.