First Aid for Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are quite common injuries which people experience at home, school and work. Many people who are engaged in different types of work at factories are more prone to chemical burns. Chemical burns occur accidently and the damage on the skin can be severe depending on how strong the chemical is.

First Aid for Chemical Burns

It is very important to perform the right first aid when you see a person suffering from chemical burns. Follow these first aid steps to know what you should do:-

Step 1- First thing is to take off anything that has resulted in the chemical burn. This can be done by brushing away the chemical and washing it with tepid water for about 20 minutes.
Steps 2- Immediately take off any jewelry or clothing that has the chemical on it.
Step 3- Take a sterile dressing or a clean piece of cloth and wrap the burnt potion loosely.
Step 4- If the person continues to experience burning sensation, then wash the burnt area again with tepid water.
Step 5- If the pain is unbearable; give the patient ibuprofen, Tylenol or Aspirin. These tablets are available over the counter.

Once you give the patient first aid attention, the person needs to take a tetanus shot.

Causes of Chemical Burns

There can be many causes of chemical burns and the most common are:-

  • Chemical irritants
  • Strong acids

Symptoms of Chemical Burns

Some common symptoms of chemical burns are:-

  • Burning or irritation
  • Numbness or severe pain
  • The patient may suffer from headache
  • Chemical burns can result in blister
  • A person may feel breathless
  • Coughing
  • If the eye is affected, a person may lose his/her vision.

Prevention of Chemical Burns

  • You should not overexpose yourself to chemicals.
  • Do not mix different chemicals unless you known its reaction.
  • When using chemical products, use them in open areas.
  • The chemicals should be stored in safe containers.
  • Chemicals should be kept out of children’s reach.
  • Always follow safety precautions when you use chemicals.
  • Do not misuse any chemicals.
  • Use chemicals under an expert’s supervision.

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