Cheap Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, which date back to 1887, were first made of glass. Then came the lenses made of plastic in 1930. The first soft contact lenses were introduced in 1971 while gas permeable contact lenses were launched in 1978. It was in 1987 that first disposable contact lenses were available in the market.

Initially, contact lenses were quite expensive as they were made of expensive material and cost of production too was high. But as the demand for the contact lenses increased, manufacturers started experimenting with different processes and raw materials to make them more affordable.

Internet is one place where one can find a large variety of cheap contact lenses. One can not only buy branded contact lenses at cheaper rates online but also enjoy special discounts on the lenses that are available only on the internet. Most of the companies who sell contact lenses online are known as wholesale contact lens distributors.

These distributors buy all the varieties of contact lenses available in the market in large quantities; as a result they get huge discounts on the lenses which enables them to sell lenses at a cheaper rate (cheap contact lenses) as compared to branded companies contact lenses. Another reason online distributors sell contact lenses at a cheaper rates is that they do not have to spend money on salaries of employees, rent and other taxes which any ordinary shop would have to bear. Since their overhead costs or expenses are lower, they are able to sell lenses at cheaper rates (cheap contact lenses).

If you are shopping online for the contact lenses, it is very necessary that you compare different online distributors before buying the lenses. You should not only compare the prices of the contact lenses but also check out whether they have an order tracking mechanism, what is their shipping and return policies. Because it is quite possible that the distributor may lure you with discounted prices of the contact lenses but not tell you about the shipping costs. Visit this online store for cheap contact lenses from UK.

Tips to keep in mind for shopping for cheap contact lenses online:

    a) It is advisable that you have a recent prescription of your eyes by your eye care practitioner before you think of buying the contact lenses. If you don't go for an eye checkup, you may not be able to know about the problem in your eyes. A contact lens which is not according to your recent prescription may lead to blurring of vision, infection, other eye problems and even temporary or permanent damage of your eyes.

    b) It is better to buy branded contact lenses as it will not only be of good quality but also give you satisfaction. You may repent later if you buy cheap contact lenses from a company which is not reputed. You should always remember that your eyes are precious and you should not endanger them by opting for lenses of inferior quality.

    c) You must make sure that the online company from whom you are buying contact lenses has a mechanism through which you can keep a track of your purchases. This will help you to know the status of your order and when it will arrive at your doorstep.

    d) It is always advisable to know the time involved in the shipping and the costs of the company before you order the contact lenses. One should always ask the company how much time it would take to ship the contact lenses at your doorstep. Some companies waive off shipping costs if you order contact lenses in large numbers so you should ask the company about it.

    e) It is also advisable for you to know in detail the return or refund policies of the company from whom you are buying the cheap contact lenses in case the pair you bought are defective or not the ones that ordered. It is always better that you check the cheap contact lenses the moment you receive them so that there is no delay in returning the defective pieces.

    Most of the companies have a time limit by which they replace the defective piece. If that time limit is over, they do not entertain any plea of replacing the contanct lenses. You should always make sure that you return the lenses in the packing it came in; otherwise the company may not accept it.

    f) You should not buy the contact lenses from a company which does not ask for your current prescription.

No matter from which company you buy the cheap contact lenses make sure that they are of good quality otherwise God's priceless gift to you - your eyes, may be in danger!