Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease which results in ulcer like sores on the genitals. This disease has specific physical attributes for men and women. When men contract Chancroid, half of them have a single sore on various parts of their genitals. Women will have around four sores on their genitals, and they will also face pain during urination and intercourse.


This is caused by a bacterial infection during sexual contract. This infection is not seen much in developed countries, but mostly found in developing countries.



The symptoms of Chancroid are quite physical in nature. Once the person contracts Chancroid, he/she will experience a small bump in the genital area, which finally becomes an ulcer within a couple of days after the appearance. This ulcer can be almost two inches in size. It is soft and painful and has definite, sharp borders. The ulcer’s base might be grey or yellowish grey in color. The most important characteristic is that the base will bleed easily on any amount of physical touch, resulting in painful situations for the person.

These ulcers are generally seen at the foreskin, shaft, head, opening or even the scrotum and groove behind the head of the penis. In case of women, the ulcers are generally seen at outer lips of the labia majora, while the other areas could be labia minora, or perineal area and between the genitals.


Though there are no blood tests for Chancroid, doctors detect it by testing the ulcers for swollen lymph nodes.


The prognosis of Chancroid is a dose of antibiotics like ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, azithromycin and erythromycin. When a person undergoes an antibiotic course, the lesions are cleared up and there is minimal scarring. In some cases, Chancroid can clear up by itself, but that would give months of painful ulcers for the patient.  


The only manner in which Chancroid can be spread is by sexual infection. Sexual contact causes Chancroid. Therefore, to prevent Chancroid, people should be careful about whom they come in sexual contact with.

Treatment Cost:

The treatment cost of Chancroid would depend on the kind of antibiotics needed.