Cardiac Catheterization

  • A Cardiac Catheterization is a process where a catheter or a tube is inserted in a chamber or a vessel of the heart. 
  • It is useful to diagnose and treat cardiac disorders and other heart conditions. 
  • In a Cardiac Catheterization, a flexible tube is inserted into a blood vessel through the arm, groin or neck.
  • A dye is put inside the catheter and it flows through the bloodstream to the heart. Once it reaches the heart, the arteries are shown on the x-rays. 

Purpose of the test

  • The main purpose of this test is to examine the coronary arteries due to heart attacks, angina and sudden heart problems.
  • It is a diagnostic test which helps the practitioner to gather detailed information about the heart and coronary arteries.
  • It is also used to reveal the presence of other conditions like enlargement of the left ventricle, ventricular aneurysm, narrowing of the valves and insufficiency of the mitral valve.
  • Once this test is conducted, the doctor would know the heart condition and diagnose the disorder accordingly.
  • After getting the results of this test, the doctor can assess the patient’s need to have a bypass surgery or angioplasty.
  • If the test is conducted, one can work on precautions to avoid myocardial infarction or heart attack.

When to do the test?

  • If a patient has a suspected coronary heart disorder, he should have this test done in order to understand the exact complications.
  • If a person is running short of breath, is fatigued, has irregular heart beats, feels lightheaded and has numb feet or palms, he must visit his practitioner and take this Cardiac Catheterization test along with the other required tests.
  • Even if a person is suffering with minor chest pain and dizziness, he should get some tests done. The tests should include Cardiac Catheterization.
  • A person suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes should undergo Cardiac Catheterization test so that he would know if there are complications in the heart, since there is a high chance.