Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerously common in urban households today. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odorless gas and most people do not even know that they are inhaling the gas in dangerous amounts. Every year, more than two hundred people die because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, that is mainly because the people living in the house do not carry out the tests that are necessary.

Carbon monoxide poisoning causes are generally leakages from the various electronic devices in and around the house, like the cooking devices and the devices that use gasoline. Carbon Monoxide gas is generally generated due to the incomplete combustion of organic matter because of the insufficient supply of oxygen.

There are several symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning like dizziness, headaches, vertigo, confusion and others. Once a person gets larger exposures, they can face issues of the heart and the central nervous system. Carbon monoxide poisoning can have effects on a pregnant woman as well as the fetus of the pregnant woman.

At very high levels, people can die due to carbon monoxide poisoning within a matter of minutes. At its lowest levels, people who are exposed to carbon monoxide would have headache and dizziness within eight hours.

If there is chronic exposure to carbon monoxide, a person might even have memory loss and depression. The prognosis of the disease is that it causes adverse effects in the human body by combining with the available hemoglobin in the body to create carboxyhemoglobin, which prevents the hemoglobin from releasing oxygen into the blood tissues.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur due to cigarette smoke, house fires, heaters, wood burning stoves, and other tools that work on gasoline. The exposure usually happens when these devices are used in buildings and in places that are not completely open.

The best treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning is the administration of pure oxygen or even hyperbaric oxygen. The treatment cost would depend on what kind of oxygen is being administered and how much. Prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning can be done by proper checkup and usage of the devices that may cause such poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is still commonly, unfortunately used in suicides. The gas was most infamous during the Nazi regime. Even today, a modern can produce lethal amounts of carbon monoxide.